Robert Rathbun Wilson was appointed Director of the National Accelerator Laboratory. He chose Edwin L. Goldwasser as his Deputy Director. Following initial planning meetings at Argonne National Laboratory and O'Hare International Airport, the first offices opened in the Executive Office Plaza in Oak Brook on June 15, 1967, while the 6,800 acre site was acquired by the state of Illinois. AEC officials and DUSAF, the architectural-engineering design firm, sent teams to work with Wilson on the "footprint." Physicists from around the world who would use "the machine" for their research experiments met at Argonne in April, 1967 for the first Users Meeting. The next year they came to the Kuhn Barn. On April 19, 1968, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the bill authorizing construction of the 200 GeV Accelerator. The Human Rights Statement was written in that turbulent year of 1968.