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Anderson Farm: Site 61

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Anderson Family History

William H. Carpenter built the house on the Anderson farm around 1885.  He was a nephew of prominent Chicago businessman, Philo Carpenter, who had previously owned the farm. The Carpenters were building the second floor of the house in 1888 when Emil Nelson came from Sweden to work for William Carpenter. In later years Mr. Nelson’s daughter married the son of Anton Anderson, the next owner of the farm, linking the two families of the Anderson Farm. The house and 100-year old barn remain on the original foundations at #10 Sauk Circle.

The family of Anton and Louise Anderson made their home at “Maple Lane Farm” from 1918.  Their son, Herbert, married Jeanette Nelson in 1942 and they acquired the house in 1956. The Anderson family raised dairy cattle, beef cattle, pigs, sheep and chickens and grew corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, and hay. They cared for and enjoyed many pets and even named their livestock. Organizations like 4-H were very popular among the farm families.  The Andersons’ son, Ronald, cared for pet lambs and had a bug collection as a child. He was in college when the state purchased the farm in 1968.

Family events brought neighbors together as many of the farm children married neighbors and distant relatives. The Andersons, Brummels, Feldotts and Kames of the site were lifelong friends and family.  This community of farm families supported each other over the years in good times and hard times.

Mrs. Jeanette Anderson lived in Geneva until she passed away in December, 2010 after celebrating her 100th birthday in July. She had many memories of days on the farm, including Augie Mier collecting arrowheads behind their home, family get-togethers, and train rides taking the Chicago, Aurora and Elgin electric line from the Warrenville station to work in Wheaton. She appreciated that their house was not moved and enjoyed bringing family to the annual Farmers Picnic to see the old homestead just as it was years ago.

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Anderson family, Back: Anne, Sigrid and Almer, Front: Ellen, Louise, Anton and Herbert Anderson Family From left to right: Anne, Louise, Ellen, Almer, Anton, Sigrid Anderson farm, summer 1968
Ladies in wagon. February 23, 1919 Anderson family summer picnic. June 27, 1920 Anderson family summer picnic. June 27, 1920
Anderson family summer picnic. June 27, 1920 Anderson family harvesting Konsbruck's cornfields, November 3, 1931
Haystacks on Anderson farm Anderson family farming Anderson family farming
Anderson family harvesting Konsbruck's cornfields, November 3, 1931 Sigrid Anderson, 1921 Sigrid Anderson, 1921
Anderson farm and machinery Maple Lane farm, 1921 Maple Lane farm, 1921
Anderson farm, Spring 1969 Anderson farm, 1967, now 10 Sauk Circle  

Farm Families

Farm Families