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Cliff Anderson Farm: Site 33

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Cliff Anderson Family History

Anderson HomesteadVictor Anderson was born in Illinois around 1887 and his wife, Alma, whom he married in 1908, had emigrated from Sweden in 1905. They had a son, Clifford “Cliff” Anderson, in 1913. Victor owned the Anderson hardware store in Batavia and young Cliff went to and played football for Batavia High School.

Helen Bartelt was born on the Bartelt farm (site 37) in 1914. Helen met Cliff in high school and they were married in 1938 at Bethany Lutheran Church in Batavia. After they married Cliff and Helen moved into town and lived in an apartment until they saved enough money to build a house. Cliff worked at his father’s hardware store in downtown Batavia, and owned or ran the business for more than 50 years.

In 1948, Helen’s mother gave Helen and Cliff about an acre and a half of the Bartelt family property on which to build their house. The Andersons did a lot of gardening on their farm. There were about six apple trees and peach and plum trees, as well as some pear trees. They also grew asparagus, raspberries, tomatoes, etc.  

Cliff and Helen had four children: Jim, Denny, Dick, and Vicki, who all went to Batavia High School. Jim joined the Navy and later worked for an Ethan Allen store. He was also a sextant at Bethany Lutheran Church in Batavia. Their second son, Denny, joined the Batavia police force and became Chief of Police in 1998.  

Cliff sang in the choir at the church and led a long, rich life. He was elected to six terms as Batavia Township Supervisor from 1961-1985 and was an avid sports fan, never missing an opportunity to talk sports, politics, and local issues with others.

Although they had to vacate their land on Wilson Road, the Andersons bought their house back from the government for $1 and moved it two miles west to Center Street in Batavia.

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