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Chris Feldott Farm: Site 43 and Site 48

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Chris Feldott Family History

The Feldott homestead dates back to 1847-55, when German immigrant Johaan Feldott settled on 120 acres of timberland near the "Big Woods." Johaan and Theresia Hermreck Feldott raised nine children.

Their son, John, married Elizabeth Seppelfrick of Naperville in 1892. They bought the homestead in 1904 and 45 acres more in 1909, built a brick house in 1915, and raised eight children. Five of the children lived on the homestead with their families. One of their sons, Chris, married Evelyn Piltz in 1945. They had four children and continued farming the family acreage until 1969, when their land was purchased by the state of Illinois. Chris' sons, Eugene and Raymond, now own the Feldott Farm on Jericho Road in Aurora. The house from Site 43 is now at #9 Sauk Circle.

The Feldott families recall many traditional childhood memories of the rich and varied community activities of farm life. Planting, riding horses, family reunions, ice-skating and snow sledding were all enjoyed at home. Joseph's original mid-19th century home from Site 52, built in the Greek Revival style, was moved from grandson Leon's farm on Old Batavia Road to #3 Sauk Circle in 1971. The Feldott barn remains in its original setting and is home for the Fermilab bison herd.

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Feldott Family John and Elizabeth Seppelfrick Feldott and family Feldott family and friends playing baseball
John Feldott Family Reunion Feldott neighbors' children at first communion Chris Feldott and Evelyn Piltz wedding
John and Elizabeth Seppelfrick Feldott Wedding Chris Feldott and Evelyn Piltz wedding, 1945 Zita Miller and Mary Feldott
Chris Paul and Edwin John Feldott Unidentified Feldott child John Feldott
Elizabeth Seppelfrick Feldott Zita Feldott Chris Feldott
Christian H. Feldott, 1863-1937 Feldott picnic, early 1950's Virginia Kautz Feldott, Clara Feldott Jennings, Laura Feldott, Aunt Mary Feldott, Katie Feldott, Annie Feldott, Matt Molitor Jr., Esther Drendel, Eddie Feldott, Evelyn Feldott, Grace Piltz Molitor Feldott Family
John and Elizabeth Feldott with daughters Mary and Annie on family farm Elizabeth, Annie and Mary Feldott family first steam engine
Feldott Farm Steam engine filling challenge silo Feldott Barn
Feldott Family on the Farm Feldott Homestead  


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