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From the turn of the century there were schools for the children of the farmers on what became the Fermilab site. Below is a collection of photographs taken over the years of students who attended the Big Woods School, Round Grove School and Buelter School.

Also included in the selection are pictures of related buildings.

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Round Grove School Big Woods School Former Big Woods School, later, chicken coop for Fairbank's farm (site 3)
Round Grove School, 1908 Students of Round Grove School, 1914 Round Grove School, 1908 Teacher Katherine Duffy, Frank Wolsfeld, George Wolsfeld, Emma Kames, Lena Wolsfeld, Esther Mungerson, Henrietta Wolsfeld, Otoo Wiesbrock, Evelyn Kames, George Kames, Florence Wiesbrock, Anna Feldott
Round Grove School, post 1900's Students of Round Grove School, 1934-35 Students of Round Grove School classroom, 1931 Back row: Don Molitor, teacher Eleanor Kautz, Jean Feldott Dau, Leon Feldott Middle row: Donald Kames, Walter Snyder Jr., Adeline Miller, Katherine Kames, Margaurite Molitor Front row: William Molitor, Phillip Miller, Kenny Kames, Margaret Miller
Round Grove School. Right to left: Unknown, Kevin Miller, Myrna, unknown, Shirley Thee, Leonard Anderson, unknown Students of Round Grove School, 1940s Round Grove School, January 19, 1939 Adeline Miller, Don Molitor, Katherine Kames Donald Kames, Jean Feldott, Phil Miller William Molitor, Margaret Miller, Kenny Kames
Playmates of Buelter School, 1920s Apostolic Church, site of Former Buelter School, Wilson Street, 1968 George and Preston Hazelwood


Farm Families
Farm Families


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