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Leon M. Lederman Career, Discoveries and Awards

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His Career

July 15, 1922 Leon Max Lederman born in New York City
1927 Attended PS 92 on Broadway and 95th Street, New York
July 15, 1935 Bar Mitzvah
June, 1939 Graduation from James Monroe High School, New York
1943 Graduation from City College of New York, B.S. in Chemistry
1943-1946 U.S. Army Signal Corps, stationed in France
1948 M.S. in Physics, Columbia University
1951 Ph.D. in Physics, Columbia University
1951-1989 Faculty, Columbia University
1953-1961 Associate Director, Nevis Laboratories, Irvington, New York
1961-1979 Director, Nevis Laboratories, Irvington, New York
1972 Eugene Higgins Professor, Columbia University
1979-1989 Director, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
1983 Founder, Friends of Fermilab Association
1985 Founder, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
1989-1992 Frank E. Sulzberger Professor, University of Chicago
1989-1992 Science Advisor to Governor of Illinois
1990 Founder, Teachers Academy of Mathematics and Science in Chicago
1990-1993 President-Elect, President and Chairman of the Board, American Association for the Advancement of Science
1992-present  Pritzker Professor of Science, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago
1998-2012 Resident Scholar, Great Minds Program, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Major Discoveries and Awards

1956 Discovery of Neutral K-Meson
1957 Discovery of Parity Violation in Pion and Muon Decay
1961-1962 Two-Neutrino Experiment
1965 Discovery of Antideuteron
Election to the National Academy of Sciences
1965 U.S. National Medal of Science
1969 Discovery of Drell-Yan Process
1976 Elliot Cresson Prize of the Franklin Institute
1977 Discovery of Upsilon, bottom quark
1982 Wolf Foundation Prize in Physics (Israel)
1988 Nobel Prize in Physics
1992 Enrico Fermi Prize of the US Department of Energy
2012 Vannevar Bush Prize