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We wish to thank the farm families who opened their homes and historic photograph collections to us for this exhibit. All of the materials could not have been assembled without their personal involvement. We deeply appreciate their generous assistance.

At the Lab, we sincerely appreciate the support of the Fermilab Directorate, especially Bruce Chrisman and Angela Gonzales. We are very grateful to the Fermilab Art Gallery Committee for their willingness to show this history collection and their artistic expertise and guidance in preparing the exhibit. And we are thankful for the cooperation of the Fermilab Visual Media Services Department, and Cindy Arnold in Duplicating.

We also thank Argonne National Laboratory Information and Publishing Division Offices of Media Services and Records Management, for preserving the negatives of early photographs of our site, August Colorchrome for processing the many Argonne, Fermilab, and personal family photographs, and Reinhard Brucker for carefully matting all of the photographs.

The Northern Illinois University students of Prof. E. Taylor Atkins provided much biographical information by collecting oral histories from many farm families in 1998. The early historical research done by Karyl Louwenaar in 1968-69, supported by photography from Argonne National Laboratory, in the early days of the National Accelerator Laboratory, has been invaluable in the preparation of this book and the work of our committee.

Special thanks for the web presentation of this exhibit is given to Dave Ritchie Jr., David J. Ritchie and Nadezhda Anikeev.

For moral and editorial support we thank May West.

Fermilab Site History Committee
Adrienne W. Kolb, Archivist
Susanne Freund, Robert Lootens, Pam Fox
Linda Olson-Roach, Rodney Oxe

August, 2000 - August, 2001

Farm Families