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Rod Oxe's Memories of Farm Life

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"In 1964 there was a fire at Leo Molitor's farm (Site 39), across the street from the Pioneer Cemetery on Batavia Road. The fire was in his hay storage building away from the main barn and milking parlor.

I remember the Community Club meetings at the Round Grove School (Site 52). These were monthly get-togethers where the local farmers would talk about everything imaginable. The women would do the same and the kids would be kids. After the meeting a Potluck Supper was served and afterwards games and cards were played while everyone talked.

Around 1963 or 1964 Ed Kames got sick and couldn't work. His family did as much as they could, but I remember the neighbors all being called to come over and help with the Kames' fields (Site 50). It was spring and the crops had to be planted or they would lose everything. On a date that all made available, the neighbors converged on the Kames farm with tractors, plows and disks. The day started around 9am (after the morning milking) and by 5pm the Kames farm was black and ready for seed. This was a day I didn't get to help due to school, but I saw the others leaving with looks of satisfaction having just helped a friend and a fellow farmer. I'm sure the Kames family was grateful, for without friends and neighbors it would never have happened. This was something you could really be proud of especially since no one was paid ­ it was the goodness of all."


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