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Professor A.K. Mann


"While those whose hearts and souls are in their work, are coping with the great problems of Nature, let them remember that the ties of friendship cannot be investigated, but only felt. Let them join heart and hand, forming a brotherhood in Science and Engineering; thus promoting and encouraging by those strong, personal attachments of friendship, the highest and the truest advances in the scientific field. To lend aid and encouragement to those newer brothers, who likewise laboring in the same sphere are aspiring to honored position. And in collegiate halls to award an honor, which to scientific recipients shall signify, 'Come up higher.'"

...Constitution of Sigma Xi - 1887

The local chapter of Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society of North America, Inc., will meet for the first time at Fermilab on Tuesday, January 25. After dinner and a business meeting, the group will move to the Auditorium for a special lecture by Dr. Alfred K. Mann of the University of Pennsylvania, one of Fermilab's best-known experimenters. Dr. Mann will speak on the subject, "Exploring the Universe with a Neutrino Microscope."

Discussions between employees of the Amoco Research Center, Naperville; Fermilab, and Wheaton College, among others, stimulated organization of the local chapter of Sigma Xi about six months ago. The strong numbers of researchers in the western suburban area firmed the belief that the interdisciplinary participation which Sigma Xi offers could flourish here. The group has had two previous successful meetings and Fermilab opens its doors in the hope of stimulating further success for the group.

The Society of Sigma Xi's founding motto in 1887 was "Companions in Zealous Research," to reflect the founders' enthusiasm for the opportunity they saw ahead and for the cooperative spirit of research then, as it is now. Originally, membership was limited to degree-granting institutions. A parallel organization was founded in 1947 to provide the same type of organization for scientists and engineers working in industrial and government laboratories. The two groups merged in 1974, now having a membership of 120,600 nationally, in 237 chapters and 270 clubs. Sigma Xi's activities include a grants-in-aid program for researchers, its national lectureship program, publication of the American Scientist magazine, and award of the William Procter Prize for Scientific Achievement.

Prof. A.K. Mann

Prof. A.K. Mann

The local Sigma Xi chapter has elected to provide distinguished lecturers in the area. The meetings are open to everyone, without charge.

Prof. Mann is a scientist dedicated to the quest of a fundamental understanding of the processes of nature. He has participated in neutrino experiments at CERN, at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, and at Fermilab during the past twenty years. His Experiment #1-A collaboration at Fermilab has been at the forefront of the dramatic, important new discoveries at Fermilab. Now in its third generation of running at Fermilab, the experiment has yielded information about the existence of an entirely new property of matter called "charm." The experimenters also believe they have found hints of still another state of matter beyond charm. These findings have been described in several articles which the collaborators have written in Scientific American magazine. Dr. Mann will describe the universal implications of these new discoveries.

Arrangements for the Sigma Xi meeting at Fermilab are headed by Dr. Marvin Johnson of Research Services, with Don Young, Accelerator Division, and Dixon Bogert of the Physics Department. Reservations for the dinner are being taken by the Public Information Office, CL-1W, Ext. 3351. No tickets or reservations are necessary for the lecture. Questions about Sigma Xi membership may be directed to Dr. Johnson at Ext. 3168.

Source: The Village Crier Vol. 9 No. 2, January 13, 1977