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Norman F. Ramsey

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Norman F. Ramsey

In April, 1963 Norman F. Ramsey, physicist from Harvard University, presented the report of the Panel on High Energy Acdelerator Physics of the General Advisory Committee to the Atomic Energy Commission and the President's Science Advisory Committee, which he chaired. This report recommended the design and construction of a 200 GeV accelerator. In 1965 Ramsey was elected a Regional Trustee of Universities Research Association, Inc. (URA), the organization given the primary contract by the Atomic Energy Commission to operate and manage the 200 GeV federal project, then called the National Accelerator Laboratory (NAL). The next year he became President of URA. Ramsey was President of URA from 1966-73, 1974-79, and 1979-81. The Auditorium was named for Ramsey on October 1, 1981. Ramsey passed away on November 5, 2011.

Young Norman F. Ramsey Parke Rohrer, Project Manager, DUSAF and Norman F. Ramsey, president, URA Norman Ramsey (center), President of the Universities Research Association, Don Getz (at his right), in NAL Village Barn. They are participating in hosting Pugwash delegates on September 12, 1970 Norman F. Ramsey speaking at the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Groundbreaking of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in the Atrium of Robert R. Wilson Hall, December 8, 1978. In the background is Rep. Tom Corcoran (R., Ottawa), who spoke during the ceremony Dedication of the Norman F. Ramsey Auditorium, October 1, 1981

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Source: Adrienne Kolb, Fermilab History & Archives Project