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Fermilab Technology
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Innovative technologies emerge from the basic research conducted at Fermilab. Eventually, through technology transfer from laboratory to industry, these breakthroughs provide economic development and contribute to benefits for our society and culture. The knowledge gained through such promising intellectual pursuits as superconductivity, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, and international communications for collaborations of physicists has enriched our citizens with such products as transistors, medical diagnostic tools, and the world wide web.

Records on the technology developments of Fermilab are available in the Archives. Please contact the archivist for assistance.

For a history of the Fermilab Energy Doubler see Lillian Hoddeson, "The First Large-Scale Application of Superconductivity: The Fermilab Energy Doubler, 1972-1983," Historical Studies in the Physical Sciences, 18:1 (1987), 25-54. Edited by Robert W. Seidel.

For information on the World Wide Web, see the August 16, 1996 issue of FermiNews, available online and the November 1998 issue of Physics Today for Bebo White's article "The World Wide Web and High-Energy Physics" on pages 30-36.

Links to medical applications of Fermilab research: