Finding Aid to the Guest Office Records, 1971-1986

Repository: Fermilab History and Archives Project
MS-109, P.O. Box 500
Batavia, IL 60510-5011
Phone: (630) 840-5177
Fax: (630) 840-2623
Creator: Fermilab Guest Office (1971-1983)
Title: Guest Office Records
Dates: 1971-1986
Size: 1.25 (1 box)
Materials in collection: Guest directories, correspondence, blue prints
Abstract: The Guest Office was a department at Fermilab which assisted newcomers to the lab.
Identification number: 2022.002.
Location: The collection is housed in the History and Archives Project House on the Fermilab site.
Language: English

Biographical Note

The Fermilab Guest Office assisted visiting scientists and their families from 1971 to the mid 1980’s. The office greeted newcomers and provided general information about the area’s towns and schools. They distributed maps, guides and directories as well as a weekly cultural calendar of events in the area and the city of Chicago.

The Guest Office worked with NALWO (The National Accelerator Laboratory Women’s Organization) to create yearly updated directories for lab visitors. Guest Office staff coordinated English Language classes and arranged special activities for symposia and conferences held at Fermilab.

Janice Roberts first managed the Guest Office. Joanie Bjorken oversaw the Guest Office from 1979-1983. The Guest Office coordinated both the NALWO children’s playgroup and daycare center. Ms. Bjorken was a strong advocate for an onsite daycare center at Fermilab.

Scope and Content

The records are files of Fermilab’s Guest Office when it existed from 1973 through roughly 1985. They include Guest Directories for those years as well as correspondence and reports about visitor activities associated with conferences and symposia held at Fermilab. They also include information on English Language classes such as teachers’ and students' names, as well as information on NALWO's Playgroup and Fermilab's Children's Center.


SERIES I: Guest Guides

SERIES II: Conferences

SERIES III: Visitor Activities

SERIES IV: English Language Classes

SERIES V: Children's Center

SERIES VI: Recreation


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Related Material

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[Item title or description]. Guest Office Records (2022.002: Box [Box number], Folder [Folder number]). Fermilab History and Archives Project, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia, IL.

Acquisition Information

This collection was transferred to the Fermilab Archives prior to 2014.

Processing History

This collection was processed by Karin Kemp from 2021 to 2022.

Box List

Guest information and directories from 1971-1983
Arranged chronologically
box   1 folder   1 NALWO Guest Guides: 1975, 1980, 1983 1975-1983
box   1 folder   2 Guest Office Information 1981-1983
Description of Guest Office job and employee performance review
box   1 folder   3 Directory Listed in green book 1971
box   1 folder   4 NALWO Guest Guide, Revision, cover 1980-1983
Activities planned in conjunction with Fermilab conferences from 1972-1985
box   1 folder   5 Latin American Participants, Physics Teachers 1986
box   1 folder   6 Physics 50 Conference 1985
box   1 folder   7 DOE Maintenance Management Conference 1985
box   1 folder   8 Conference & Group Entertainment 1979-1984
box   1 folder   9 XII International Accelerator Conference 1982-1983
box   1 folder   10 XII International Accelerator Conference Guest Program 1983
box   1 folder   11 Lepton-Photon Symposium 1979
box   1 folder   12 Lepton-Photon Symposium - Women's Program 1979
box   1 folder   13 Program for Wives and Responses 1979
box   1 folder   14 Lepton-Photon Symposium Saturday - Western Banquet 1979
box   1 folder   15 Lepton-Photon Symposium Sunday - Art Institute 1979
box   1 folder   16 Wilson Symposium and Conference 1979
Original Angela Gonzales event brochures, correspondence about conference exhibits with John Crerar Library, artists of drawings and performers
box   1 folder   17 Ben Lee Memorial Conference Program 1977
Original Angela Gonzales event brochure, correspondence, photo of dancers
box   1 folder   18 Corn Roast Steak Barbecue 1972
Invitation postcard
box   1 folder   19 Fine Arts Quartet 1972
Program and correspondence
box   1 folder   20 Jazz Concert - Darlene Blackburn Dancers 1972
Program and correspondence
box   1 folder   21 Conference - Inactive Correspondence 1972
box   1 folder   22 Conference - Active Correspondence 1972
box   1 folder   23 XVI International High Energy Physics Conference - Women's Program 1972
box   1 folder   24 Letters to Wives Attending XVI International High Energy Physics Conference with Husbands 1972
box   1 folder   25 Official XVI International High Energy Physics Conference - Correspondence 1972
box   1 folder   26 XVI International High Energy Physics Conference 1972
box   1 folder   27 XVI International High Energy Physics Conference Evening Programs Entertainment 1972
box   1 folder   28 XVI International High Energy Physics Conference Information 1972
box   1 folder   29 XVI International Hifh Energy Physics Conference - Expenses 1972
box   1 folder   30 Visitor Activities, Summer 1971
box   1 folder   31 Lists, Physicists, Engineers 1971-1972
box   1 folder   32 NAL, Move to High Rise 1973-1974
box   1 folder   33 Monthly Report 1977
box   1 folder   34 Monthly Report 1976
box   1 folder   35 Monthly Report 1975
box   1 folder   36 House Plans and Parties 1983-1984
box   1 folder   37 Housing Office Memos` 1973-1977
box   1 folder   38 Wife Program (for) History of Physics Symposium 1980
box   1 folder   39 History of Physics Symposium 1980
box   1 folder   40 Guide for Foreign Visitors 1977-1980
box   1 folder   41 Photographs 1974
box   1 folder   42 Flower Advisory Committee (part 1 of 2) 1980-1982
box   1 folder   43 Flower Advisory Committee (part 2 of 2) 1982
box   1 folder   44 English Class 1979
Purchase Orders, Invoices
box   1 folder   45 Teddy Alten English Class 1977
box   1 folder   46 English Language Classes 1985
box   1 folder   47 English Language Classes - Roberta Myers 1977, 1980, 1981
box   1 folder   48 English Language Classes - Roberta Myers 1981
box   1 folder   49 English Language Classes - Roberta Myers 1982
box   1 folder   50 Infant Care Facility (at The Children's Day Care Center) 1983-1986
box   1 folder   51 Day Camp Proposal 1983-1985
box   1 folder   52 Playground 1974
box   1 folder   53 Recreational Resources Inventory 1974
box   1 folder   54 Indian Creek Riding Club 1974