"…this new knowledge has all to do with honor and country, but it has nothing to do directly with defending our country, except to help make it worth defending."

--Robert R. Wilson

AEC Authorizing Legislation Joint Committee on Atomic Energy Hearings April 17 & 18, 1969

WELCOME to the online exhibit "The Creation of a Laboratory: Fermilab, the first five years, 1967-1972." Originally a display on the first floor of Fermilab's main building, Wilson Hall, (Mar. 9 - May 18, 1999) this exhibit details the laboratory's beginnings.

In this Internet version, you can view the text and photographs from the display. Once you enter the exhibit, you can view images by placing the arrow over the small thumbnail images. You may navigate through this site by using the links on this page or by taking the tour, starting with In the Beginning.

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