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In the Beginning

File Name Caption
aec.jpg The April 1, 1966 Site Inspection of Weston, IL. From left; Glenn Seaborg, Chairman AEC, Governor Otto Kerner, Village President Arthur Theriault, Senator Paul Douglas
normbob.jpg Norman Ramsey and Robert Rathbun Wilson, two founding fathers.
lbj.jpg Leon Lederman, supporter of a national laboratory, receives the National Medal of Science from President Lyndon Johnson in December, 1965.
ramsey.jpg Norman Ramsey led the General Advisory Committee to the Atomic Energy Commission and later was President of Universities Research Association.
report.jpg The Ramsey Report advising the AEC
jointcom.jpg The seal of the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy
westsign.jpg Weston Sign
farhous.jpg The Kuhn Farm on Batavia Road welcomed visitors to the Weston, Illinois site.
farmaer.jpg Schimelpfenig Farm at the center of what would become the Main Ring.
buffalo.jpg Buffalo
props.jpg Four of the 200 site proposals for the national laboratory


Laboratory Settlers

File Name Caption
bobmag.jpg R.R. Wilson, veteran of the Manhattan Project and creator of NAL.
jane.jpg Mrs. Jane S. Wilson, at home on the frontier.
bobed.jpg RR Wilson and Edwin L. Goldwasser.
oakbrook.jpg The Oak Brook executive Office Plaza, home of NAL in 1967 and 1968.
bobcasey.jpg Robert R. Wilson and AEC representative K.C. Brooks.
tommag.jpg Tom Collins, accelerator expert and NAL pioneer.
phil.jpg Don Young and Phil Livdahl.
ofmodel.jpg DUSAF - designers and developers of the Weston site.
andy.jpg AEC friend of NAL, Andy Mravca
mugs.jpg Some of the early NAL corps, 1969.
float.jpg Employees represent NAL in the 4th of July parade, 1969.
plane.jpg The TAT Program helped train minority students for technical jobs at NAL.
halbert.jpg Hal Landers works on a Main Ring Magnet prototype.
bobarm.jpg Wilson addressed the staff at the All Employee Meetings in the Village, 1969.
report.jpg Cover of the January 1968 Design Report detailing for Congress how the 200 GeV accelerator would work. A plain white cover version was submitted to the Atomic Energy Commission and the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy. This original version, conceived by Wilson, using Leonardo Da Vinci's drawing, was designed by Angela Gonzales and subsequently distributed to laboratory staff and users.


Users at work and at play. Above: RR Wilson speaks at the second annual Users Meeting in 1968. Below: (from left) Alvin Tollestrup, Leon Lederman, and Robert Wilson enjoy the Users' Meeting Bar-B-Que.

The Village

File Name Caption
vilaer.jpg The NAL Village, 1969.
vilstorm.jpg The Weston Landscape, 1969.
westmyr.jpg Local representatives of Weston with Mayor Arthur Theriault and NAL Assistant Director Frank Cole, late 1968.
hometow.jpg Moving a house to another location in the Village, 1969
housemov.jpg Moving a farmhouse to Sauk Circle, 1970.
bubnight.jpg The air building by night.
inbubble.jpg First meeting of the Main Ring Section in the new air building
erniebob.jpg Ernie Malamud and Robert R. Wilson discussing Main Ring magnet laminations.
flag.jpg First flag raising ceremony in the Village, September 1968.
bobgrp.jpg The Director welcomes the Staff to the Village, September 1968
strsign.jpg Village streets were renamed to recall Illinois' Native American Heritage.
firedept.jpg The NAL Fire Department near Kuhn Barn in the Village, 1969.
machshop.jpg Early view of the Village Machine Shop.
mrhouse.jpg Lighting up the Main Ring, December 1969.
govgrp.jpg Transfer of the NAL site from the State of Illinois to the AEC, 1969
buffalo.jpg Since 1969, a herd of buffalo has been kept on site as part of the laboratory's preservation efforts.
mplan.jpg Master plan of the NAL site.


File Name Caption
digging.jpg Robert Wilson and Glenn T. Seaborg, Chairman, AEC, breaking ground for the Linear Accelerator.
aerial.jpg Aerial view of new roads and excavation for Booster Enclosure at NAL, September 1969.
gbreak.jpg Groundbreaking for the Main Ring, October 1969.
boostcon.jpg Connecting the Booster to the Main Ring.
feret.jpg Felicia, the ferret, early cleaning crew at NAL First Magnet
fmag.jpg Installation of the first magnet in the Main Ring, April 1970
lmag.jpg Celebration for completion of final magnet for Main Ring, 1971.
controls.jpg Goldwasser and Wilson at the Controls, 1971-72
chart.jpg Wilson charting progress.
civeng.jpg ASCE Award to NAL for construction of the 200 GeV Accelerator, 1972
scope.jpg 200 GeV
wiltoast.jpg From the 200 GeV control room celebration, March 1972

Experimental Areas

File Name Caption
map.jpg NAL Master Site Plan - October 1, 1971 - Including some future experimental areas that were never built.
poles.jpg Wilson's prairie power poles, 1970.
beam.jpg Bringing the proton beam to the Proton Area.
aerial.jpg The Fixed Target Experimental Areas fan out in tangents away from the Main Ring.
meson.jpg The Meson Laboratory under construction, 1972.
mesare.jpg The completed Meson Laboratory.
horn.jpg The neutrino beam Horn.
apannel.jpg Triangular popcan panels form the geodesic dome roof of the Neutrino Lab.
aframe.jpg Construction of the 15 Foot Bubble Chamber Assembly Building, 1971
bubcham.jpg The 15 Foot Bubble Chamber installation in the Neutrino Area.
neutrino.jpg The Neutrino Area and its colorful geodesic dome
neunod.jpg The interior of the geodesic dome atop the Neutrino Laboratory.
capac.jpg The Capacitor Tree at the Master Substation.
pagoda.jpg The distinctive pagoda of the Proton Lab Area
users.jpg Users of the Proton Lab, including two future Directors.
russians.jpg Experimenters from E36, proton-proton elastic scattering in the internal target area, carried out by an American - Soviet team.

The Highrise

File Name Caption
aerial.jpg The View from above, pre Highrise.
drafts.jpg DUSAF design team at work in Oak Brook.
emodel.jpg One proposal for the Central Laboratory.
coreplan.jpg Aerial view of tentative plan for core area of the National Accelerator Laboratory.
design.jpg Early advertising attracted an educated work force to NAL.
model.jpg Model of proposed Central Laboratory.
rebar.jpg Highrise construction, 1972
forms.jpg Highrise construction, 1972
openrise.jpg Highrise construction, 1972.
vilcrier.jpg International participants came to the unfinished Highrise for their meeting in 1972.
music.jpg First musical performance in Ramsey Auditorium for 1972 Rochester Conference.
sun.jpg The Highrise towering over the prairie.
gev.jpg 400 GeV

The Fermilab Logo

File Name Caption
logo.jpg The Fermilab logo
nclogo.gif The evolution of the Fermilab logo (numbered)