Fermilab Farmers Picnic 2013

The site history committee prepares for the arrival of the guests (1 of 35)
Seated guests (2 of 35)
Rod Oxe welcoming the guests (3 of 35)
Arlene S. Hawks, Executive Director of the Sci-Tech Hands-On Museum in Aurora, IL, invites guests to visit the museum (4 of 35)
Guests getting food (5 of 35)
Fermilab director Pier Oddone welcomes guests (6 of 35)
Barbara Oddone, Pier Oddone, and Valerie Higgins (7 of 35)
Guests getting food (8 of 35)
Guests getting food (9 of 35)
Guests getting food (10 of 35)
Guests getting food (11 of 35)
Guests getting food (12 of 35)
Guests getting food (13 of 35)
Guests eating (14 of 35)
Pier Oddone speaking with guests (15 of 35)
Michael Mutersbaugh and Dianne Mutersbaugh (16 of 35)
Sue Grommes and Heath O'Connell (17 of 35)
Sue Grommes, Heath O'Connell and Valerie Higgins (18 of 35)
Lottie Pasetti, Rich Hallbeck, Steve Henning, Jon Stein, Donna Lingafelt, and Melissa Hallbeck (19 of 35)
Michelle Kuhn, Nathan Kuhn, Andy Kuhn, Art Brummel, Lee Schramer, Natalie Levita, Mike Kuhn, and Tina Malone (20 of 35)
Jean Brummel, Norm Brummel, Maggie Stewart, Michelle Stewart, and Ellie Stewart (21 of 35)
Rita Brummel, Millie Stewart, Millie Wolsfeld, and Jane Brummel (22 of 35)
Ande Hawks, Denny Hawks, Dar Feldott, Gene Feldott, and George Soukup (23 of 35)
John Malone, Arlene Hawks, and Dick Hawks (24 of 35)
Dolly White, Dick White, and Marion MacGaffey (25 of 35)
Rich Knell, Dennis Knell, Betty Knell, George Knell, Mary Whitaker, and Craig Whitaker (26 of 35)
Darlene Geltz-Brucher, Dick Kuhn, Bob Geltz, Marion Geltz, and David Knell (27 of 35)
Marie Wiltse, Henry Theis, Joan Theis, Sandie Schause, and Shirley Snyder (28 of 35)
Kathy Barkei, Randy Barkei, Duane Bartelt (?), Shirley Bartelt (?), Rod Barkei, and Pat Barkei (29 of 35)
Unknown, unknown, Teri Schramer (?), and Bernie Brucher (30 of 35)
Gail Szalkowski and Jim Szalkowski (31 of 35)
Don Kames and Peg Kames (32 of 35)
Don Kames, Peg Kames, and Ron Anderson (33 of 35)
Irene Fairbanks, Chuck Fairbanks, and Annabell Fulk (34 of 35)
Picnic guests (35 of 35)

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