Fermilab Farmers Picnic 2014

The site history committee prepares for the arrival of the guests (1 of 28)
Tables prepared for guests (2 of 28)
A beautiful spring day after a week of rain (3 of 28)
Kuhn barn, the site of the picnic (4 of 28)
A few of the many dishes and desserts brought by the guest (5 of 28)
Site History Committee member Rod Oxe welcomes the guests (6 of 28)
Guests begin getting food (7 of 28)
Lill Fricke (Geltz), Bob Geltz, John McDougal, Debbie Reding (Getlz), Marion Geltz (8 of 28)
Jack Louth, Wayne Baver, Ron Anderson (9 of 28)
Kathy Elstrom, Teri Schramer, Grant Workman (10 of 28)
Jo-Ann Johnson, Bob Johnson, John R. Malone (11 of 28)
Site History Committee member Chuck Kuhn, Jean Brummel Vose, Harold Vose (12 of 28)
Marilyn Bartelt, Jim Weinberg, Shirley Bartelt, Duane Bartelt (13 of 28)
Terri Geltz-Torres, Rick Torres, Jr., Linda Worthington, Marshall Geltz (14 of 28)
Rich Molitor, Matt Molitor, Janette Molitor (15 of 28)
Annabell Fairbanks Fulk, Charlene Fairbanks (16 of 28)
Janet Marmo Thompson, Mary Wheeler (standing), Arlene Hawks, Dick Hawks, Ande Hawks (17 of 28)
Arlene Hawks, Dick Hawks, Ande Hawks, Denny Hawks (18 of 28)
Shirley Snyder, Marie "Sis" Wiltse (19 of 28)
Clara Jennings, Don Kramer, Evelyn Lootens, Steve Gould, Mary Gould, Bob Lootens (20 of 28)
Diane Tyioran, Lynn Coyne Wyngrove, Mary Anne Tyioran Ryan (21 of 28)
JoAnne Kuhn, Karen Kuhn, Bev Kuhn, Ed Kuhn (22 of 28)
Arthur Brummel, Rita Brummel, Millie Wolsfeld, Jean Brummel Vose, Harold Vose (23 of 28)
David Feldott, Nancy Feldott-Patterson (standing), George Soukup, Gene Feldott (standing), Dar Soukup Feldott (24 of 28)
Dianne Mutersbaugh, Michael Mutersbaugh, Linda Wrowa, Donald Brummel, Joan Brummel (25 of 28)
Rich Hallbeck, Melissa Hallbeck, Jon Stein (26 of 28)
Picnic guests (27 of 28)
Picnic guests (28 of 28)

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