Fermilab Farmers Picnic 2018

May 5, 2018: Mary Hawks Wheeler, Arlene Hawks, Dick Hawks, Denny Hawks, Andy Hawks. (1 of 14)
Nancy Feldott Patterson, David Feldott. (2 of 14)
Joan Theis, Henry Theis, Libby Pondelick, Rob Pondelick. (3 of 14)
Duanne Bartelt Polo, Randy Barkei, Kathy Barkei, Shirley Bartelt Polo. (4 of 14)
Seated: Mary Whitaker, Craig Whitaker. Standing: David Knoll, George Knoll. (5 of 14)
Bob Neu, Mary Ann Neu, Clara Jennings. (6 of 14)
Ron Anderson, Rich "Dick" Molitor, Charlene Fairbanks. (7 of 14)
Bob Johanson, Jo-Ann Johanson, Karen Brooks (Shoppe). (8 of 14)
Jean Brummel Vose, Harold Vose. (9 of 14)
Seated: Janet Wiggins, Dick Wiggins, Don Brummel, Michael Mutersbaugh, Dianne Mutersbaugh (Brummel), Linda Wrona (Brummel). (10 of 14)
Alex Geltz, Sarah Geltz, Marion Geltz, Linda Worthington. (11 of 14)
Seated: Robert Geltz, Dylan Nalezny. Standing: Erin Geltz. (12 of 14)
Adults: Tim Meyer, Emily Hostetter. Children: Norah Meyer, Libby Pondelick. (13 of 14)
Kathy Elstrom (Malone), Al Glover. (14 of 14)
Photographs and captions by Valerie Higgins and Karin Kemp.

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