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Success! Prototype Magnet Passes Test

Progress in the research involved in building the Energy Doubler/Saver accelerator at Fermilab took another step forward recently. A successful test was carried out on the first prototype quadrupole magnet for the new ring. The project followed about six months' effort by "the quadrupole team".

In the present design, the Doubler/Saver would consist of 240 of these quadrupoles (together with 800 dipoles). The new ring would be installed in the existing tunnel, directly below the magnets of the main accelerator. The quadrupole magnets focus the proton beam so that it will travel in the center of the 2" x 4" vacuum tube as it races around the four-mile ring about 47,000 times a second.

Previous tests in the Doubler/Saver development reported in THE VILLAGE CRIER have involved the dipole magnets which bend the beam into its circular path. Both types of magnets are necessary, as is the case in the present accelerator.

Design work for the quadrupole magnet was led by Norman Engler of Engineering Services. The fabrication team was led by Don Smith of the Magnet Facility. George Kalbfleisch of the Energy Doubler group is in charge of the program, and John O'Meara of Engineering Services is the project engineer.

O'Meara commented on the test, "Our objective was to build a precision quadrupole using precision rigid coils that maintain their position under magnetic loading. We feel that this objective was met, a design gradient of 25 kilogauss/inch was reached. In doing this, the quad ran at 98% of the maximum theoretical current that the conductor can carry commonly referred to as 98% of short sample. These preliminary tests indicated that the field quality is excellent, however further tests using more precise coils will be conducted during July."

G. Kalbfleisch (L) and J. O'Meara beam about successful magnet test (1 of 3)
Engr. Servs. Design Group L-R: N. Avgerenos, R. Roth, A. Oleck, W. Robotham, N. Engler, R. Jornd. Not shown: H. Barber, J. Winterkamp (2 of 3)
Magnet facility crew L-R: C. Bowling, A. Ruffins (kneeling), R. Barnhill, L. Dangleis, S. Faulhaber, D. Smith (rear), D. Fisher, J. McBride, D. Truong, M. Frett (rear). Not shown: C. Harris. J. Kiehn (3 of 3)