Historical Content Note: The following material is reprinted from publications from throughout Fermilab's history. It should be read in its original historical context.

Work Continues on Energy Saver

E, F Sector Installation Complete

...the Saver must take first priority. This establishes the superconducting ring of magnets and is the key to the future of the Laboratory.
L. Lederman

At 5:45 p.m. Friday, November 19, Sectors E and F of the Energy Saver, one-third of the ring, switched from "installation mode" to "operation mode." The event which so clearly marked this transition was the changing of the locks on all the doors leading to E and F Sectors. Since June, several hundred people have held keys to these doors to permit rapid entry to the large installation team. On November 19, the locks were changed back to safety system locks. At the same time, responsibility for coordination of activities in this part of the ring passed from the Accelerator Systems Department to the Accelerator Operations Group.

This event was met with jubilation by the couple hundred people who have labored under pressure since June to finish the installation. Now the Accelerator Operations Group, the Cryogenic Systems Group, the Central Helium Liquefier, and the Electrical Support and Controls Group are in the "hot seat," as they work around the clock to complete safety checkouts and cool the two sectors to liquid helium temperature. They are scrambling to meet a late December goal to power E and F sectors to full current. On the following pages are photographs by the Fermilab Photo Unit documenting myriad installation tasks which have so happily concluded in one-third of the ring.

"The Saver is our key to a solid future. It is essential for both scientific and energy saving reasons...1983 is the light at the end of our tunnel!"

"People with skill and expertise in diverse groups will be asked to take on Saver-related projects and to carry these out with the same love and dedication as they put on their own specialties. This is because the future of Fermilab hinges on this plan. If we survive the dangers of schizophrenia and carry it off we will be the pre-eminent laboratory in the world."

Scores Spend Laborious Months in Main Ring Tunnel to Build Energy Saver/Doubler
Dale Durham fits pipes for the Energy Saver in the Main Ring tunnel. This photograph shows the often cramped conditions that are typical of many jobs performed in the close confines of the tunnel. (1 of 7)
Harry Krider, a Belding employee, stacks magnets at D0 prior to being lowered into the tunnel for installation. (2 of 7)
Rodney Shores sprays helium on a magnet interface to check for leaks. (3 of 7)
Russ Harrison connects cryogenic lines between magnets. (4 of 7)
Gary Capola (kneeling) and Terry Guthke use surveying techniques to align a Doubler magnet to within a few thousandths of an inch. (5 of 7)
Using a chart recorder, Roger Thomas reads output from six leak detectors placed 100 feet apart. (6 of 7)
Merill Albertus (standing), Ken Meissner (foreground), Rine DeKing, and Gene Witt install a superconducting dipole magnet under a Main Ring magnet by gently sliding it into place. (7 of 7)