List of Fermilab Art Gallery Shows

Fermilab began hosting art shows in the second floor lounge of Wilson Hall in 1975. Since then, it has featured work by many different artists. These are all the exhibits the Archives has identified.


"The Sculpture of Jacob Epstein" from the Collection of the Museum of African Art, Washington DC, 1975 April

"Two Chicago Photographers: Ellen Fine and Harold Allen," 1975 September-October

"Man Ray: Photo Graphics," from the collection of Arnold H. Crane, 1975 September-October


"Marcel Bardon" Photography, 1976 February-March

"Ballet: Historic Memorabilia," from the collector Anne Barzel 1976 May

"100 years of Chicago Architecture" from the Museum of Contemporary Art, Illinois Arts Council Exhibit, 1976 September-October

"Prairie Panorama" Illinois Praire Day Exhibit, 1976 September-October

"The Architecture of Dankmar, Adler and Louis Henry Sullivan: A Collection of Photographs by Ralph Marlowe Line" / Dankmar Adler & Lous Henry Sullivan Architecture, from the Chicago School of Architecture Foundation, 1976 November-December

"Selected Landscape Prints from 'One Hundred Views of Famous Places of Edo': Hiroshige" on loan from the Art Institute of Chicago, 1976 November-December

Del Venters Wood Carving, 1976 December

"Modern Japanese Prints," from the collection of Dr. Robert R. Wilson, 1976 December-1977 March


"Martha Ray - Ceramics and Prints" from the collection of the artist, 1977 February-March

"Prints from the Joseph Randall Shapiro Collection," 1977 April

"Martyl," 1977 April-May

"The Photography of Walker Evans" from the collection of Arnold H. Crane, 1977 May

Paintings by Angela Gonzales, 1977 May

Kitaoji Rosanjin Ceramics from the Art Insitute of Chicago, 1977 June

"Botanical Illustrations created for the Publications of the Morton Arboretum by Nancy Hart and Anthony Tyznik," 1977 July-August

Photographs of Fermilab, from the Fermilab Photography Department, 1977 September


"Sixteen Twentieth Century Artists" from the Fairweather Hardin Gallery, 1978 January-February

Contemporary Prints, from the Joseph Randall Shapiro Collection, 1978 February-March

"Twentieth Century Artists" from the Richard Gray Gallery, 1978 May-June

Paintings and Sculpture from the Lillian H. Florsheim collection, 1978 August

Photography of Lincoln Fajardo, 1978 October

Sumi-e Paintings by Motoharu Kimura, 1978 November

Marcel Bardon - Photography, from the collection of the artist, 1978 December


African Sculpture, from the GSA confiscated collection, William Copenhaver Morrison, 1979 January-February

Barbara A. Brien, 1979 March

International Symposium in Honor of Robert R. Wilson - Prints from the Art Institute of Chicago, 1979 April

Science Through the Ages - The John Crerar Library, c. 1979 May

Lillian H. Florsheim Foundation for Fine Arts Collection, 1979 June-July

Nojima Yasuzo Photography, from the Gilbert Gallery, 1979 August-September

Mazon Creek Area Fossils - Jerry Latshaw, 1979 September-October


Wynn Bullock from the Gilbert Gallery, 1980 January

Precolumbian Pottery, 1980 January

Greek Vases of the Fifth Century B.C. from the Art Institute, 1980 March-April

"Memorabilia of Five Decades of Particle Physics" History of Particle Physics - Symposium Exhibition, 1980 May-June

Architecture Show - From the students of IIT and U. of I. Circle Campus, 1980 August

8 Chicago Artists' Coalition (CAC) Artists from the collections of the artists, 1980 December

Kimura's Sumi-e, 1980 December


Children's Art - Art Education Department, Univeristy of Illinois, Champaign, 1981 January-February

Minerals from the Field Museum of Chicago, 1981 January-February

Sculpture by Geraldine McCullough, 1981 March-April

Marine Mollusk Shells from the Chicago Shell Club, 1981 April-May

Scientific Illustration - from the collections of six artists, 1981 June-August

Exhibit of Technology of the Fermilab Industrial Affiliates, 1981 September

Antique Fire Extinguishers, 1981 October

Oriental Rugs - From the Nahigian Gallery, 1981 November-December


Clay Sculpture, 1982 - Exhibit A Gallery and Alice Westphal, 1982 January-February

Batavia Orchid Show (in the Wilson Hall atrium), 1982 February

Six Contemporary Artists - Six Media, 1982 March-April

20 Nineteenth Century Black Women - from the Bethune Museum, 1982 May

Jefferson School - Children's Impression of Fermilab - on loan from school, 1982 May

Southwest Indian Pottery from the Benton Collection, 1982 June - August

1982 Employee's Arts and Crafts Show, 1982

Les Heures Claires, Prints and Painting from the Publishing House in Paris, 1982 September-October

Po Wan Ng Oil Paintings, 1982 November


Eliot Porter, The Antarctic and Iceland (Photographs), 1983 January-February

New Ireland - Art, Life and Death - Melanesian Collection, 1983 March-April

Margo Hoff - Fairweather - Hardin Gallery, 1983 May-June

Antique and Rare Doorknob Collection from employee Loretta Nemec, 1983 May

From the Marjorie and Charles Benton II Collection of American Art, 1983 July-August

Parabola Lights display (along Eola Rd. on the lab site), 1983 August

Kimura's Sumi-e Painting III from the collection of the artists, 1983 September

Jacques Baruch Presents - Anderle, Brunovsky, Butrymowicz, Gazovis, Krejci, Kulhanek, Rosiak, Saudek, Baruch Gallery, 1983 September-October

Herb Comess - Photographs from the collection of the artist, 1983 November

Northern Illinois University Art Faculty, 1983 December-1984 January


Zakin and Youngner Ceramics from the collection of the artists, 1984 February-March

Art exhibit in Honor of the Energy Saver Dedication: Bailey, Caldwell, Derer, Dietrich, Hubbard, Mooney, Price, Scarff, 1984 April-May

Mexican Traditional and Ceremonial Art from the collection of the May Weber Foundation, 1984 June-July

Gerard Altmann from the collection of the artist, 1984 August-September

The Plucked Chicken Press from the collection of Cynthia Archer and Will Petersen, 1984 November-1985 January


Sculpture and Stained Glass - Selected from the Chicago Artist Coalition, 1985 April

Science-Related Art, 1985 May-June

"Art at Fermilab" - Fermilab "Corporate" Art, 1985 July-August

Charcoal Drawings - Anatomy class from the school of the AIC, 1985 August

Martyl from the collection of the artist, 1985 August-September

Stan Jorstad - Photographs of Public Parks, 1985 October-November

Space 900 - Five Artists, 1985 December-1986 January


Black History - "The Spirit of a People" - The Links, Inc., 1986 March-April

Robert Middaugh - Paintings, 1986 May-June

Broido Collection of Painting and Sculpture by Emerging Chicago Artists, 1986 August

Douglas Busch Large Format Photography from the artist, 1986 September-October

Fermilab Arts & Crafts Show, 1986 October-November

Albecht-Buehler Pentominoes - Inlaid wood from the artist, 1986 December-1987 January


Shu Jia Ding Paintings, 1987 February-March

Fermilab Exhibit Committee - Various Media, 1987 April-May

Traditional Arts of Africa from the collection of the May Weber Foundation, 1987 June-July

Frontiers of Chaos - Contemporary math as art, Goethe Insitute, 1987 August-September

Torkel Korling, From Wildflowers to Factories: 50 years in photography, Botanical and industrial from the artist, 1987 October

Phscolograms by (Art) Sculpture, photos, holograms. Combined as Art, 1987 November-December


William Clift - Photography, 1988 January-February

Virginio Ferrari - Sculpture, 1988 March-April

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago - Fischer, Kryczka, Fisher, Lederman, Gavin, Perlow, Rupprecht, 1988 May-June

The Good Earth - The Photography of Stan Jorstad, 1988 August-September

Ellen Carr Lederman - New Photography, 1988 October-November

Seven Approaches to Realism - Albavera, Craig, Denby, Franchini, Kuchma, McCarthy, Mishlove, 1988 December-1989 January


Sculpture by Four Artists - Brent Collins, Robert Cumpston, David Lotton, Penn Stallard, 1989 February-March

Recollections from Home and Abroad - Barbara Feldberg, 1989 April-May

The Jewels of the Prairie - 10 Photographs from the Chicago Academy of Sciences, 1989 May-July

Kathleen Fischer - Photography, 1989 June-July

Three Women in Bronze - Tracy Dunham, Roberta Menis, Valerie Weihman, 1989 June-July

Three Generations - Curt Lahs, Ari Lahs, Angela Gonzales, Olivia Gonzales, 1989 August-September

Selections from Seven Collectors - Persian Vessels, Oriental & Western Prints, Mollusk Shells, door knobs, Swiss Medals, photographs, 1989 October-November

An American View - a Collection of Landscape Photographs by Larry Kanfer, 1989 December-1990 January


A Parade of Mexican Folk Art - May Weber Foundation, 1990 February-March

Two Wisconsin Artists - John Colt, John Wickenberg, 1990 May-June

Fermilab Industrial Affiliates, 1990 May

Fermilab Arts & Crafts Show, 1990 August

Nancy Carrigan - Painting & Sculpture, 1990 September-October

Cynthia Archer, Will Petersen, 1990 November-December


Japan and Her Ancestors - May Weber Museum of Cultural Arts, 1991 February-March

Fermilab Industrial Affiliate Annual Meeting, 1991 May

Central Time Zone Sculpture Group Outdoor Sculpture Show, 1991 May-October

A Retrospective Exhibition of Painting by Sidney Laufman (1891-1985), 1991 August

Jan Beekman - "Undiscoverings," 1991 September-October

Martyl - Intimate Paintings, 1991 November-December


Diversity Endangered from Smithsonian Traveling Exhibitions, 1992 January

Lialia Kuchma - Tapestry, Masterworks in Fiber, 1992 February-March

Otto Neumann (1895-1975) A Retrospective Exhibition - Paintings, Drawings, Prints, 1992 April-June

Mary Lou Ingwersen - Oil Paintings - Italian Landscapes, 1992 June-July

Fermilab Industrial Affiliate Annual Meeting, 1992 May

Dorothy Dehner - Sculpture & Drawings, 1992 July-August

Employee Arts & Crafts Show, 1992 August

25 Years of Fermilab from the Offices, 1992 September-October

John M. Carney - Night Lights, Ellen Lederman - Recent Photography, 1992 November-December


Morton High School Class Project - 14 Portraits - Kathleen Fisher, 1993 January

3 Painters - Eleanor Himmelfarb, Samuel Himmelfarb, John Himmelfarb, 1993 February-March

Paintings by Nancy Lanham Peoples, 1993 May-June

Dorothy Dehner - Sculpture & Drawings, 1993 July-August

Look Over Look - A Review of Paintings by J. Michael Simpson, 1993 September-October

International Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark Exhibit - American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1993 September

Science & Art, Photographs from the Laboratories of the CRNS French National Center for Scientific Research, 1993 December-1994 January


India - Living Arts, Unkown masters: Folk Art from May Weber Cultural Arts Collection, 1994 February-March

J. Gardy Artigas - Sculpture and Prints, Recent Work, 1994 April-May

Fermilab Arts and Crafts Exhibiton, 1994 June

This Land is Your Land - Panoramic National Park Photography by Stan Jorstad, 1994 July-September

Michael Glancy - Glass Sculpture, 1994 October-November


Photography 3 - One Person Shows, Jean Therrien-Gottschalk, Olivia Lahs-Gonzaes, Georgia P. Schwender, 1995 January-March

Oriental Carpets, 1995 March-April

Joseph Jachna, 1995 June-July

Japanese Collection - May Weber Collection, 1995 August-September

Jonathon Wilson - Viewer Friendly, Elijah David Herschler - Ribbons in Space, 1995 October- November

Oil Paintings - Sandra Felzen Kahane, Sculpture - Bathhseba Grossman, 1995 December-1996 January


David Lance Goines - Public Service and Pro-Bono Posters: 1969-1994, 1996 February-March

Paintings by Leon Bishop, Pottery - Saundra Poces, 1996 April-May

Fermilab Employee Arts & Crafts Show, 1996 June

Petites Paysages - Ellen C. Lederman, Memory Landscape - Martyl, 1996 July-August

Riddles Revealed - Kati Toivanen, Memory Reference - Martina Lopez, 1996 September-October

Virtu: Homage to Physics Artisans at Fermilab, 1996 November-December


Frames of Mind, Paintings by Stephen J. Perrault, 1997 March-April

Particles Expelled while the Universe is Breathing - Paintings by Sheila Shochet, 1997 May-June

From the Heartland, Indiana Amish Quilts, 1997 July-August

Selections from the Midwest Photographer's Project - The New American Village - Bob Thall, The Same World - Jay Wolke, 1997 September-October

The First Illustrated Encyclopedia: "De Rerum Naturis" 780 - 865 a.d., University of Cassino, Italy, 1997 November-December


Paintings by Brett Angell & Keith Jacobshagen, 1998 January-February

Artistic Intuition to Virtual Prototype: A Collaboration - Brent Collins, Sculptor; Carlo Sequin, Computer Scientist, 1998 May-June

Employee Arts & Crafts show, 1998 July

4 x 5 by 3: Photography by Neelon Crawford, Reidar Hahn, Fred Ullrich, 1998 August-September

New Work - Ruth Esserman, Louis Kames, 1998 October-November

Millennial Myths, 1998 December-1999 January

Works by Robert Kameczura, 1998 December-1999 February


Deborah Horwitz Nieman, Bradford Hansen-Smith; Paper Plate Sculpture, 1999 March-April

Lynda Lowe - Marking Time: Paintings & Fiberart, 1999 May-June

Giancarlo Togoni - CAIF (Cultural Association of Italians at Fermilab), 1999 July-August

Gale Scott, 1999 September-October


Fox Valley Arts Council - Artistic Fusion, 2000 March-April

Remembrance of Things Past: Families & Farms of the Fermilab Site 1838 - 1972, 2000 May-August

Landscapes: Andrew Nixon - Paintings, Drawings, Monotypes, 2000 September-December

Fabric, Color, Texture: the Art Quilts of Emily Parson & Laura Wasilowski, 2000 December-2001 February


Two One Person Shows: Paintings by Nancy Peoples, Hot Glass by Mizuho Mishina, 2001 March-May

Fermilab Employee Arts & Crafts Show, 2001 May-June

The Reality of Pretense: Recent Paintings by Ben Mahmoud, 2001 June-August

Paintings on Canvas by Susan Zwick, Crystal Mystery Pottery by Gail Jones, 2001 August-October

Contrasts, The Photo Exhibition: Fred Ullrich, Reider Hahn, 2001 October-2002 January


Etchings by James Manos, Watercolors by Lynne Railsback, 2002 February 1-April 15

Current Works by Cheryl Holz, 2002 April 17-June 11

Chicago Diverse Architectural Fragments: Photographs by Algimantas Kezys, 2002 June 13-August 29

One Year Later 9/11 - Eleven Artists - Invitational, 2002 September 1-October 1

To Every Season: Earth and Sky, pastels by Lynn Krause, 2002 October 3-December 16

Forms of Passion: Patricia Armato, John lavik, Benjye Troob, 2002 December 18-2003 February 25


Still and not so Still: Paintings by Mae Connor, 2003 March 1-April 30

Fermilab Employees Arts & Crafts Show, 2003 May 1-June 3

FermiLandscapes: Plein Air Paintings by Kathleen Newman, 2003 June 3-July 31

Mode: Digital Images by Eric Heller, 2003 August 4-October 30

Beyond Light - Albert Koetsier, Succulent Society - Eric Wert, 2003 November 3-2004 January 30


Contemporary Arts and Living Stones provided by William H. Bigham Galleries, The World of Sculpture, 2004 February 1-April 12

Develop, Stop, Fix - Photographs by: Ellen Lederman, Kathleen Fischer, Dan Zamudio, 2004 April 14-June 14

Perspectives of the Midwestern Landscape - Sue Skowronski, H. Dean Willis, 2004 June 15-August 30

Compound Interests: The Fine Line Arts Center Faculty Exhibition, 2004 September 1-November 1

Kinethesis: Jim Jenkins, John Stanicek, 2004 November - 2005 January 19


Environmental Battlegrounds - Photographs by Pete Souza, 2005 January 24-April 1

My Artistic Side - An Employee Art Show, 2005 April 8-May 31

Sized Matter - Perception of the Extreme Unseen - Jan-Henrik Andersen, 2005 June 6-August 26

Origami - L. Allen, C. Palmer, R.J. Lang, 2005 September 1-November 4

Perfect: A Group Exhibition, 2005 November 9-2006 January 5


Color Expressions - George Shipperley, 2006 January 11-February 28

Pam Allnutt - Fertile Ground, 2006 March 2-April 25

Miles Lowry: A Celebration of Old Growth, Gum Bichromate Prints by Keith Gerling, 2006 April 28-June 20

Specific Conversations paintings by Dawn Meson, Glass Explorations sculptures by James Wilbat, 2006 June 27-September 5

Moon Project by Sallie Wolf, 2006 September 8-November 1

Art Work 06: An Employee Art Show, 2006 November 6-2007 January 3


Watercolors - D.L. Brown, 2007 January 8-February 13

Nikon's 2006 Small World Photomicrography Competition, 2007 February 14-April 26

Thru a Distant Lens: Weavings by Sherri Smith / Paintings by Barbara Cervenka, 2007 April 30-June 28

Lylie Fisher - In Search of Meaning, 2007 July 3-August 22

Probability of Certainty Suminagashi: The Art & Science of Painting on Water by Amy Lee Segami, 2007 August 27-November 5

Biological Impulses: works by Yvette Kaiser Smith and Beverly Kedzior, 2007 November 6-2008 January 21


Jeff Curto - The Italian Portfolio: Evidence of Hands on Stone; Tanya Lunina - Flowers: Colors, Lines & Shapes, 2008 January 25-March 14

Hidden Talents - Employee Art Show, 2008 March 19-May 14

Earthworks: Gary Schirmer, Philip Schroeder, 2008 May 19-July 16

McMahon Family Affair: Franklin, Franklin Jr., Mark, Carolyn, Meryl, Andrew, Elise, Debbie, Margot, Hugh, Michael, 2008 July 21-September 17

Intersections: the Art and Science of Light: Experiments in Holography, Photography, and Mixed Media by Lori Napoleon, Ed Wesly, and Todd Johnson, 2008 September 12-November 10

Small Works: 2008 International Orton Conebox Show, Ed Cook, Nancy D’Agostino, Juliette Herwitt, Nancy Staszak, Sadia Uqaili, Anne Von Ehr, 2008 November 12-2009 January 5


Nature's Masterpieces: Chicago Wilderness & Beyond, Photographs by Ray Mathis, 2009 January 9-March 4

Wildlife Field Studies by Peggy Macnamara, 2009 March 9-May 8

Artist Within – Employee Art Show, 2009 May 15-July 6

Art in the Abstract: Guy Bellaver, Kate Friedman, John Slavik, Shawn Slavik, Ana Zanic, 2009 July-September

John Chervinsky: An Experiment in Perspective, 2009 September 28-November 30

Dissimulation - Peter B. Olson, 2009 December 4-2010 February 26


I Live in a Duplex: Virginia Broersma, 2010 March 4-May 3

Urban Landscapes - Andy Paczos, Lisa Harris, 2010 May 6-July 5

Chicago Printmakers Collaborative - Ariyama, Goro, Lader, Laurel, O’Connor, O’Malley, Sterling, Upart, 2010 July 8-September 8

Aviation by Rob Bach, 2010 September 15-December 3

William Worcester-Natural Light and the Landscape, 2010 December 8-2011 February 4


Through the Lens: Images by Reidar Hahn and the Particle Physics Photowalk at Fermilab, 2011 February 9-April 8

Employee Art Show: After Hours 2011, 2011 April 13-June 3

Natural Elements: Karen Brown, Roberta Polfus, 2011 June 9-August 24

Rhythm & Flow: Kwang Jean Park - Andrew Bae Gallery, 2011 August 29-October 29

Stitched Together - Art & Science - Art Quilts by Midwest Artists, 2011 November 1-2012 January 20


Contemporary Realist Painting by Tony Armendariz, 2012 January 26-March 16

Energy at Fermilab: a collaboration of three art galleries in Batavia, Illinois: Fermilab Art Gallery, The Gallery at Allen+Pepa, and Water Street Studios, 2012 March 21-May 9

Abstract Jewels of Modernism by Roland Kulla, 2012 May 14-July 14

Rugged Elegance by Mike Baur and Steven Mueller, 2012 July 16-September 17

Martyl: A Retrospective, 2012 September 20-November 6

In Visible: New paintings and drawings by Adam Benjamin Fung, 2012 November 12-2013 January 20


Relics and Reliquaries: Mary Stoppert, 2013 January 24-March 15

Employee Art Show: Outside the Office, 2013 March 20-May 7

Foundations of Drawing: Steven Carrelli, Lelde Kalmite, Todd Serrano, Laurie Shaman, 2013 May 10-July 8

The Julia Set: Working the Angles by Julia Ris, 2013 July 12-September 12

Views: Four Art Professors from NIU: C. Rollman, H. Wirth, A. Nason, Y. Kuo, 2013 September 17-November 12

Fermilab Examined – A Juried Exhibition by members of the Fermilab Photography Club, 2013 November 18-2014 January 26


Jay Strommen: Creativity is not Created, 2014 January 29-April 10

Edward Tufte: The Cognitive Art of Feynman Diagrams, 2014 April 12-June 26

Approaching Light: Louise LeBourgeois, 2014 July 1-September 12

Negentropy: Bruce Riley and Renee Robbins, 2014 September 17-November 28

Imagined Landscape: Melanie Brown, Suzanne Loechl, Julian Williams, 2014 December 4-2015 January 29


Art@CMS, 2015 February 1-April 23

Systems & Intuition: Fawn Clarke-Peterson, Jen Evans, Rita Grendze, 2015 April 28-June 26

On that Note: Chicago Printmakers Collaborative; Chris Blume, Chris Flynn , Wyatt Grant, Michael Jackson, Deborah Maris Lader, Jon Langford, Alan Lerner, Maria Sanchez & Brandon Ross, Justin Santora & Jason S. Thompson, Jim Jenkins, Robert Krawczyk, Jeremiah Lee, Chris Olsen, Erik Ramberg, Karl Ramberg, 2015 July 1-September 10

Where Science Inspires Art: Employee Art Show, 2015 September 18-November 30

Harmonics: New Work by Michele Thrane, 2015 December 7-2016 February 12


Art of Darkness: Images from the Dark Energy Survey, 2016 February 19-April 29

Stephen Cartwright: Human Trajectory, 2016 May 4-July 14

Ana Zanic: Fluidity, 2016 July 20-September 16

Lindsay Olson, Artist in Residence 2014-15: Art and the Quantum World, 2016 September 23-November 23

Ellen Sandor, Fermilab 2016 artist-in-residence, and (art)n present: Neutrinos In A New Light, 2016 December 2-2017 March 17


50 Years of Science & Art – Employee Art Show, 2017 March 24-May 22

A Lasting Mark: Artist Angela Gonzales at Fermilab 1967-1998, 2017 June 1-September 30

Viewing Silence by Candace Wark & Shirley Nannini, 2017 October 12-December 29


A Perplexity of Conundrums Jim Jenkins Artist-in-Residence 2017, 2018 January 8-March 2

A Passing Day: Land and Light paintings by Ellen Holtzblatt, 2018 March 12-May 14

Structural Elements: Margie Criner, Yvette Kaiser-Smith, Doug Reyes, 2018 May 21-July 21

Seeing the Prairie - Crosby, Kim, Macnamara, Serrano, Willis, 2018 July 27-September 28

Employee Art Show 2018, 2018 October 4-November 29

Jane Barthes – An Alternative Molecular Universe, 2018 December 7-2019 February 27


Studio Conversations – Bookwalter, Meister, Weber, 2019 March 6-May 23

Adam Nadel, 2018 Artist-in-Residence, 2019 May 31-August 16

Cosmic Design – Shanthi Chandrasekar, 2019 August 21-October 28

Reidar Hahn – Collections, 2019 November 6-2020 January 3


Employee Art Show – Where Art and Science Collide, 2020 January 10-March 13

Eric Coles and Martin Murphy – Imaging the Cosmos, 2020 March 20-June 26 (extended to 2022 October 20)

Lisa Goesling and Deanna Krueger – Unexpected, 2020 September 16-November 9 (Virtual)

Perry Slade – Conversion, 2020 November 10-2021 January 7 (Virtual)


Be a part of pARTicles, 2021 February 10 (Virtual)

Steve Geer – River Ice, 2021 January 11-April 30 (Virtual)

Jody Rasch – Curves of Infinite Order, 2021 May 3-July 30 (Virtual)

Sujata Majumdar – Echoing Forms: Experiments in Hybridity, 2021 August 16-November 15 (Virtual)

Adam Makarenko – Exoplanets, 2021 November 15-2022 January 28 (Virtual)


Chris Klapper and Patrick Gallagher, Artists-in-Residence 2020 – #DATAATADATA : Angular Momentum, 2022 February 1-April 29 (Virtual)

Be a part of pARTicles 2.0, 2022 February 8 (Virtual)

Gina Gibson – Seeking the Unseen, 2022 May 2-July 29 (Virtual)