Historical Content Note: The following material is reprinted from publications from throughout Fermilab's history. It should be read in its original historical context.

MacKay Appointed Gallery Manager

Janet MacKay

Janet MacKay

The Directorate appointed Janet MacKay the new Art Gallery manager last month. Janet replaces Saundra Poces, who left the Laboratory in October.

As manager, Janet will work with the Fermilab Art Gallery Committee to select and arrange exhibits for the 2nd Floor Art Gallery. Her duties include making contractual arrangements with the artists and overseeing the physical transportation, set up and return of each exhibit. Janet also is responsible for organizing gallery openings and all advertising of gallery showings.

As well as her responsibilities as gallery manager, Janet continues her work as Arts Coordinator for the Lab. Janet has been coordinator since 1990. She works with the Auditorium Committee on the Fermilab Arts Series. In the past, Janet brought many excellent performers and lecturers to Fermilab, including Ahmad Jamal, Paula Robinson, Koko Taylor, Beausoleil and Jean Redpath. She has also worked closely with Northern Illinois University's School of Music to establish Fermilab' s first ensemble-in-residence, the award-winning Arianna String Quartet. Upcoming arts and lecture events include Chris Quigg's lecture, "Postcards from the Particle Frontier" on November 4; the Young Artists Showcase, featuring Tchaikovsky Award winning violinist Jennifer Koh on November 19 and the Throat Singers of Tuva on January 28, 1995.