List of Fermilab Lectures

Fermilab began hosting lectures in Ramsey Auditorium in 1974. Since then, it has featured many distinguished speakers as part of its public lecture series. This is a list of all the lectures the Archives has identified.


Dick Gregory, "Social problems--social or anti-social," 1974 October 18

Bob Woodward, "All the President's Men," 1974 November 15


Bruno Bettelheim, "The Problem of Autonomy in a Mass Society," 1975 May 2

Robert March, 1975 October 26

Richard Underwood, "Photography from manned spacecraft," 1975 December 5


William E. Powers, "The physical and biological basis of cancer therapy," 1976 February 20

Carllene Shanley, Fox Valley Associate Group of the Art Institute lecture "Historic homes in the valley," 1976 April 21

Luis Alvarez, "Ernest Lawrence's laboratory, where the big machines began," 1976 May 14

Martin Kamen, "The carbon isotopes and the rise of American biochemistry," 1976 May 21

Carl Sagan, "Extraterrestrial life: scientific search and human implications," 1976 October 22

Robert McC. Adams, "Cities in the sand," 1976 November 5


Kenneth E. Boulding, "Pandora's box: the dilemmas of energy policy," 1977 February 4

Robert M. Hamilton, "Predicting earthquakes in two cultures: Chinese and American," 1977 March 4

Jane Goodall, "In the shadow of man," 1977 April 29

John D. Cooney, "Tutankhamen, the man and his possessions," 1977 June 3

Stephen H. Schneider, "Climatic changes and the world food and energy crisis," 1977 August 5

Robert L. Sinsheimer, "Genetic engineering--on our own," 1977 October 7

Harvey Molotch, "Domination through media," 1977 December 2


Joseph Weizenbaum, "Can computers be trusted?" 1978 March 17

Steven Weinberg, "The search for symmetry," 1978 June 9

Cornelius Vermeule, "Pompeii, the human view," 1978 August 4

Gerard K. O'Neill, "The high frontier," 1978 November 3


Neil Harris, "From the emporium to the shopping mall," 1979 March 16

Jack Sewell, "The ideal image: the Gupta sculptural traditions of India and its influences," 1979 March 30

Henry Steele Commager, "Nationalism and the community of learning," 1979 May 18

Robert Stobaugh and Daniel Yergin, "After the second shock: our energy future," 1979 August 3

John Callaway, "News objectivity--myth or reality?" 1979 November 30


June Goodfield, "Science and human values," 1980 January 18

Cherif Bassiouni, "The Islamic revolution," 1980 March 28

John H. Neff, "Beyond the studio: contemporary art, the sciences, and the artist as interdisciplinary mind," 1980 May 2

Harvey Brooks and John R. Holdren, "Energy in transition," 1980 July 25

Daniel J. Boorstin, "The tyranny of Darwin," 1980 October 3

Alan Lomax, "Dance, song and human culture," 1980 December 5


John Naisbitt, "High tech/high touch: the restructuring of America," 1981 February 27

Alexander Marshack, "From the space age to the ice age," 1981 April 24

Sam C. Sarkesian, "The military profession: the battlefield and beyond," 1981 July 31

Jerold Lowenstein, "Controversies and evidence in evolution," 1981 October 30


Harold Masursky, "Exploration of Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn," 1982 January 22

Gwyn Jones, "The western voyages of the Vikings," 1982 April 2

Stanley Tigerman, "The house we live in: modern versus post-modern architecture," 1982 May 21

Leon Lederman, "Inner space and outer space," 1982 July 16

Admiral Bobby R. Inman, special presentation "The state of U.S. intelligence," 1982 August 11

Claude Owen Lovejoy, "The origin of man: mind or mating," 1982 September 24

Joel Elkes, "Brain and behavior: on the biology of well-being," 1982 November 19


Paul MacCready, "Flight by muscle and sunbeams: catalyst for global thinking," 1983 February 4

Ian Wardropper, "The popes as patrons and collectors," 1983 July 29

Sorell L. Schwartz, "How risky is risk? How safe is safe? Toxic waste, other hazards, and risk management," 1983 October 7

Floyd E. Bloom, "Biological basis of mental illness," 1983 November 18


William A. Nierenberg, "CO2 and the next 100 years: living in a global greenhouse," 1984 February 17

Michael S. Turner, "Big Bang Cosmology: From Quark Soup to the Expanding Universe," 1984 March 16

David L. Waltz, "Artificial Intelligence, Society and the Individual," 1984 May 4

David M. Raup, "Extinction: Bad Genes or Bad Luck," 1984 August 3

George P. Schneider, "A Day in the Country, Impressionism and the French Landscape," 1984 November 2


Stephen Jay Gould, "Darwin: The Science of History," 1985 May 3

John W. Mellor, "Africa: Famine, Food and Development," 1985 August 2

Leon M. Lederman, "Inner Space/Outer Space Revisited; The Super Accelerator," 1985 November 8


Howard Gardner, "Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences," 1986 February 28

Kevin C. Burke, "Ocean Opening--Ocean Closing: The Last Four Billion Years of Earth History," 1986 May 16

Thomas Gold, "A New Theory of the Origin of Oil and Gas: Are Vast Supplies Still to be Discovered?" 1986 August 15

Lewis Thomas, "Pleasure: A Free Gift from Neurobiology," 1986 October 10


Eugene Rasmusson, "Weather and Climate: Predictable or Mother Nature's Dice Game," 1987 March 6

John Carswell, "Suleyman the Magnificent and The Golden Age of Ottoman Art," 1987 June 26


Susan Solomon, "The Hole in the Sky," 1988 January 15

Frank R. Hendrickson and Philip V. Livdahl, "Radiation Treatment of Cancer: Past, Present and Future," 1988 August 5

Reginald Gomes, "Designer Genes, Frozen Assets and Clones from the Bank: Boon or Bane?" 1988 December 9


Louis Lanzerotti, "The U.S. Space Research Program: Future Projects," 1989 February 3

Stephen Hawking, "Black Holes and Their Children, Baby Universes," 1989 May 13


Richard Wilson, "Nuclear Power After Chernobyl," 1990 March 2

James Cracraft, "The Soviet Crisis: History and Prospects," 1990 April 20

Tom Sneeringer and Eva Wierzynska, "Poland's High Wire Act: Balancing Political Reform and Economic 'Shock Therapy' Can They Do It? Can We Help?" 1990 May 4

Len Ackland, "What Will Replace the Cold War?" 1990 June 1

John Maddox, "Legislating for the Greenhouse Effect," 1990 October 19


Thomas Borak, "Indoor Radon, Risks - Concerns - Solutions," 1991 January 18

Fang LiZhi, "The Future of China," 1991 March 15

Christine Cassel, "Money, Medicine, and Methuselah: Allocation of Health Care Resources in an Aging Society," 1991 April 19

Jean Redpath, "You Have a Lovely Voice My Dear; Have You Ever Thought of Doing Anything with It?" 1991 May 3

Edward W. Kolb, "Day One of Creation: A Day Before Yesterdays," 1991 September 16

Steven Lubin, "Mozart and the Fortepiano," 1991 September 20


Jack Fry, "A Physicist Looks at the Violin," 1992 January 31

Oliver Sacks, "Awakenings Revisited," 1992 April 10

Robert K. Adair, "The Physics of Baseball," 1992 May 1

Konrad Spindler, "The Man in the Ice: A Late Neolithic Glacier Mummy from the Otztal Alps," 1992 July 10

John Peoples, Leon Lederman, and Robert Wilson, "A Lecture by the Past and Present Directors of Fermilab," 1992 November 9


Suzanne Gronemeyer, "MR Images: How are They Are Made and What We Learn from Them," 1993 April 30

William Cronon, "Nature's Metropolis: Chicago and the Great West," 1993 June 25

Martin Marty, "Caught in the Crossfire: Fundamentalism, Science and the 'Culture Wars,'" 1993 October 22

William T. Golden, "Homage to Eve and the Serpent: Science Advising from Genesis to Tomorrow," 1993 November 22

Martin Marty, "Caught in the Crossfire: Fundamentalism, Science and the 'Culture Wars,'" 1993 October 22


Steven Prinz, "Eating Disorders - An American Epidemic," 1994 January 7

Paul Hawken, "The Ecology of Commerce," 1994 March 18

Mark Plotkin, "Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice," 1994 April 29

Trebor Tichenor, "Mississippi Valley Ragtime," 1994 June 17

Paul Sereno, "A Saharan Odyssey: Unearthing the Secrets of a Wandering Continent," 1994 October 7

Chris Quigg, "The Small Things of Nature: Postcards from the Particle Frontier," 1994 November 4


Richard Smalley, "Buckyballs and Nanotechnology," 1995 March 10

David Botstein, "On Genes and Genomes," 1995 April 7

George Smoot, "Observing the Early Universe," 1995 May 5

CAIF (Cultural Association of the Italians at Fermilab), "Art and Music in Action," 1995 November 4


Edward W. Kolb, "Cosmic Revolutions: 1609, 1929, 1999" 1996 March 29

James Randi, "Will Science Survive the New Dark Age?" 1996 May 3

Murray Gell-Mann, "From Simplicity to Complexity," 1996 June 13


Stephen Jay Gould, "The Improbability of Human Life in the Age of Bacteria," 1997 May 16

James A. Winship, "The 'New' Hong Kong: Is 'One Nation, Two Systems' a Workable Model?" 1997 July 24

David Schrader, "Music for Meantone Tuning: An Excursion through Europe in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries," 1997 October 17


William Hammer, "Dinosaurs on Ice: Jurassic Dinosaurs of Antarctica," 1998 January 16

John Larson, "Chicago and Egyptology: The Legacies of James Henry Breasted," 1998 April 17

Siegfried S. Hecker, "From Russia with Love: A Scientist's Journey through the End of the Cold War," 1998 May 8

Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, "Ashokan Farewell: The Civil War and Beyond," 1998 August 29

Mary Cleave, "Studying the Earth from Space: An Astronaut's View of Our Planet," 1998 September 25

Kip Thorne, "Spacetime Warps and the Quantum: A Glimpse of the Future," 1998 October 30

Charles Pellegrino, "Thera, The Real Atlantis," 1998 November 20


Christopher Hill, "A Brief History of Matter," 1999 March 19

Anna Roosevelt, "The Peopling of the Americas: New Evidence from South and North America," 1999 April 16

Brian Greene, "The Elegant Universe," 1999 June 15


Mario Molina, "The Antarctic Ozone Hole," 2000 January 7

Fred Smith, "Neandertals and the Origins of Modern Humans," 2000 March 3

Chris Brochu, "Sue, The Inside Story," 2000 April 14

Christopher Chyba, "Europa and the Rebirth of Exobiology," 2000 May 19

Judah Folkman, "Angiogenesis Research: From Laboratory to Clinic," 2000 June 9

Lynn Margulis, 2000 October 6

Ira Flatow, "If It Breeds, It Leads: Science in the Media," 2000 November 17


George Withbroe, "Living with a Star," 2001 March 30

Lawrence Krauss, "Fermi's Atom: A Cosmic Mystery Story," 2001 September 28

Dan S. Kaufman, "The Importance of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research," 2001 November 16


Robert Ritner, "The Egypt of Cleopatra and the Ptolemaic Dynasty (332-30 BC)," 2002 January 18

Philip Brachman, "Bioterrorism in the 21st Century," 2002 February 1

Boris Kayser, "Neutrinos Get Under Your Skin," 2002 March 1

Michael Turner, "The Dark Side of the Universe: Beyond Stars and the Starstuff We Are Made Of," 2002 April 5

Mary Zimmerman, "Myths are the Earliest Form of Science: My Life in the Theatre with Ovid, Galileo and Leonardo," 2002 June 26

Freeman Dyson, "Looking for Life in Unlikely Places: Why Planets May Not Be the Best Places to Look for Life," 2002 October 4

G. William Foster, "Fermilab's Particle Accelerators: Past, Present, Future," 2002 November 8


Joshua Frieman, "Mapping the Heavens: The Universe Revealed by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey," 2003 March 14

Arnold Levine, "The Human Genome and Cancer," 2003 April 11

Goery Delacote, "Will the New Alliance between Scientists, Museums, and Schools Help Us to Win the Battle for Scientific Literacy?" 2003 June 20

Michael Witherell, "Windows on the Universe: New Questions about Matter, Space and Time," 2003 August 15

Verlyn Klinkenborg, "The Conscience of Nature: An Exploration of Our Emotional and Philosophical Connections to the Natural World," 2003 October 17

Arlene Lennox, "Hadron Therapy and Cancer Treatment," 2003 November 21


J. Murray Gibson, "The Physics of the Blues," 2004 January 30

Bennet Bronson, "The Last Golden Age of Imperal China: The Emperor, the Economy, and the Arts in the 18th Century," 2004 March 26

Barry Barish, "Einstein's Unfinished Symphony: Sounds from the Distant Universe," 2004 April 23

Joseph Lykken, "The Search for Extra Dimensions," 2004 May 21

Michael Sagan, "Concept to Victory (Part 6)," 2004 September 17

Timothy N. Wittman, "A Confluence of Art, Science, and Economic Practicality: The Development of the Skyscraper," 2004 October 22

Carl Haber, "Imaging the Voices of the Past: Using Physics to Restore Early Sound Recordings," 2004 November 12

Riccardo Giacconi, "The Dawn of X-Ray Astronomy," 2004 December 10


Herman B. White, "Detecting Nature's Mysterious Particles: How Particle Physics Detectors Work and What They Really See," 2005 January 21

Paul Grannis, "Experiments at Fermilab: Understanding Matter at the Smallest Scale," 2005 February 4

Robert J. Lang, Robert R. Wilson Memorial Lecture: "Folding in Arts and Space: Origami in Art, Science, and Technology," 2005 October 7

Steven Levitt, "Using Data to Catch Cheaters," 2005 November 4

John Stachel, World Year of Physics Lecture: "Einstein: A Man for the Millennium?" 2005 December 2


Rocky Kolb, "Einstein's Cosmic Legacy," 2006 January 20

Michael Shermer, "Why People Believe Weird Things: Science and Pseudoscience," 2006 April 7

Lisa Randall, "Warped Passages: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universes Hidden Dimensions," 2006 October 13

Pierre Ramond, "Neutrino Eyes on the Cosmos," 2006 November 3

Deborah Harris, "Neutrino Experiments at Fermilab: The Fastest Way Between Here and Minnesota," 2006 December 1


Neil Shubin, "The First Steps on Land," 2007 January 19

Lonnie G. Thompson, "Glacialogical Evidence of Abrupt Tropical Climate Changes: Past, Present and Future," 2007 May 18

George Smoot, "Relics of Creation: The Big Bang, the COBE Satellite and the Cosmic Microwave Background," 2007 June 6

Uwe Bergmann, "Archimedes: Ancient Writings Under X-Ray Vision," 2007 September 28

Dan Hooper, "In Search of our Universe's Missing Mass and Energy," 2007 November 16


Chris Quigg, "The Coming Revolutions in Particle Physics," 2008 January 18

Daphne Fautin, "Census of Marine Life: How Many Fish, Sea Anemones, and Clams Live in the Ocean, and Where Do They Live?" 2008 March 28

Christian Butzke, "Wine Mythbusters: Elucidating the Science of Wine," 2008 May 9

Paul Steinhardt, "The Endless Universe," 2008 June 4

Vic Baker, "Megafloods," 2008 September 12

Adrienne Kolb, "Facing The Frontier: Fermilab 1967 - 2008," 2008 November 14


May Berenbaum, "BSI: The Case of the Disappearing Bees," 2009 January 16

Angela Olinto, "Chasing Cosmic Bullets: The Pierre Auger Observatory," 2009 February 27

Pier Oddone, "The Future of Particle Physics and Fermilab," 2009 March 27

Marcela Carena, "The Power of Antimatter - Part of Angels & Demons Lecture Nights: The Science Revealed," 2009 May 21

Samuel Stupp, "Nanotechnology: The Crafting of Self-Assembling Materials for Medicine and Energy," 2009 May 29

Thomas C. Katsouleas, "Surfing on Plasma Waves," 2009 June 3

Domenico Meli, "Galileo and the Investigation of Nature," 2009 October 16

Craig Hogan, "The Sounds of Spacetime: Black Holes, Early Universe, Cosmic Strings, and Holographic Noise," 2009 November 13


James Shapiro, "Evolution in the 21st Century," 2010 January 22

Regina Rameika, "Extreme Beams for Mysterious Particles," 2010 April 23

Discussion with Mark Devlin and Paul Devlin after viewing of the film "Blast!" 2010 February 19

Martin Chalfie, "GFP: Lighting Up Life," 2010 March 19

Paul Sereno, "A Croc Odyssey: Speedy Gallopers with a Taste for Dinosaurs," 2010 September 10

David Archer, "The Long Thaw: How Humans are Changing the Next 100,000 Years of the Earth's Climate," 2010 October 22

Neil Gershenfeld, "How to Make (Almost) Anything," 2010 November 12


James Surmeier, "How the Brain Controls Our Choices, and What Can Go Wrong," 2011 January 14

Michael Thackeray, "Electrochemical Energy Storage for Transportation: Challenges in an Evolving Lithium Economy," 2011 February 4

Malika Meddahi, "The Large Hadron Collider (LHC)," 2011 April 15

Alexei Filippenko, "Dark Energy & The Runaway Universe," 2011 May 20

Steven Chu, "Revving Up the Great American Research and Innovation Machine," 2011 June 2

Dan Green, "The LHC Voyage of Discovery," 2011 September 23

Tony Wasserman, "The Rise of Free and Open Source Software," 2011 October 14

Young-Kee Kim, "The New Frontier on the Great Plains: Fermilab and the Future of Particle Physics," 2011 October 21

Bonnie Bassler, "How Bacteria Talk to Each Other," 2011 November 11


Rocky Kolb, "Our Expanding Cosmic Horizons," 2012 January 20

Stan Wojcicki, "The Intensity Frontier - The New Challenge for Fermilab," 2012 March 23

Stephen Macknik and Susan Martinez-Conde, "Sleights of Mind," 2012 April 27

Mark Hersam, "The Age of Carbon: Buckyballs, Nanotubes, Graphene, and Beyond," 2012 May 18

David Gross, "The Frontiers of Fundamental Physics," 2012 June 12

Alex Ruthenburg, "Epigenetics," 2012 September 7

Paul Davies, "The Eerie Silence: ET, Where Are You?," 2012 October 12

Five speakers, Physics Slam, 2012 November 16


Todd Kuiken, "Building Bionics," 2013 January 18

Angela Belcher, "Engineering Biology," 2013 February 22

Chris Quigg, "The World According to Higgs," 2013 April 12

Sean Carroll, "Particles, Fields & The Future of Physics," 2013 June 12

Chris Lintott, "How to Discover a Planet From Your Sofa," 2013 July 19

Jeff Lichtman, "Connectomics: Mapping the Brain," 2013 August 9

Michael Meyer, "The Potential for Life on Mars: Past, Present, Future?" 2013 September 13

James Kakalios, "The Physics of Superheroes," 2013 October 11

Five speakers, Physics Slam II, 2013 November 15


Pete Beckman, "Super Smart Supercomputers," 2014 January 17

John Carlstrom, "What Do Scientists Know About The Big Bang?" 2014 February 7

Nigel Lockyer, "Sticks & Stones, Particles & Batteries: Ben Franklin Would Be Pleased," 2014 April 25

Hitoshi Murayama, "The Quantum Universe," 2014 June 11

Philip Troyk, "Technology for Advanced Neural Prostheses," 2014 July 11

Diandra Leslie-Pelecky, "The Science of Speed: Why Driving Fast is Harder Than You Think," 2014 August 15

Chad Mirkin, "Nanotechnology: Learning to Think Big," 2014 September 12

Henry Petroski, "Success and Failure in Engineering: A Paradoxical Relationship," 2014 October 24

5 speakers, Physics Slam III, 2014 November 21


Dan Hooper, "Revealing the Nature of Dark Matter," 2015 January 16

Mina Bissell, "New Understandings of Cancer," 2015 March 13

Michael Norton, "Can Money Buy Happiness?" 2015 April 24

Temple Grandin, "Different Kinds of Minds Contribute to Society," 2015 May 14 and 15

Francis Halzen, "Ice Fishing for Neutrinos," 2015 June 10

Jack W. Szostak, "The Origins of Cellular Life," 2015 July 31

Chris Johnson, "Visualizing the Future of Biomedicine," 2015 September 18

James Cronin, "Remembering Fermi: His Years at the University of Chicago," 2015 October 16

Various presenters, Physics Slam IV, 2015 November 20


Emily Graslie, "The Brain Scoop: Communicating Science Through Museums and YouTube," 2016 January 15

Josh Friemann, "Probing the Dark Universe," 2016 March 18

Phil Mote, "5 Things I Wish Were True About Global Climate Change," 2016 April 8

David Weintraub, "Pluto Revealed," 2016 May 20

Barry Barish, "Einstein, Dark Holes, and a Cosmic Chirp," 2016 June 15

Eugenia Cheng, "How to Bake Pi: The Mathematics of Mathematics," 2016 July 15

Vanessa Hill, "From The Outback to the Internet: What is the Best Way to Teach Science?" 2016 August 26

Chang Kee Jung, "What's Physics Got To Do With Sports?" 2016 September 23

Harold McGee, "Playing with Food," 2016 October 7

Various presenters, Physics Slam V, 2016 November 18


Chris Quigg, "Fermilab's Greatest Hits: Highlights from the First 50 Years," 2017 January 27

Jack Gilbert, "Invisible Influence: How The Indoor Microbiome Influences Health," 2017 April 21

Priya Natarajan, "Mapping the Heavens," 2017 May 5

Jorge Cham, "We Have No Idea: A Guide to the Unknown Universe," 2017 May 19

Joe Lykken, "Neutrinos are Everywhere," 2017 July 14

Andrew Cohen, "From King Kong to Crouching Tiger: A Physicist Goes to the Movies," 2017 August 11

Gino Segre and Bettina Hoerlin, "Enrico Fermi: Architect of the Atomic Age," 2017 September 15

Moogega Cooper, "Mars 2020," 2017 October 27

Various presenters, Physics Slam VI, 2017 November 10


David Awschalom, "Quantum Engineering for Next-Generation Technologies," 2018 January 26

PechaKucha Batavia, 2018 February 15

Manu Prakash, "Frugal Science," 2018 March 16

Nina Kraus, "Sound: Invisible Ally & Enemy of Brain Health - Dr. Nina Kraus," 2018 April 13

Danielle Feinberg, "The Art & Science Behind Pixar Films," 2018 May 4

Wendy Chung, "What We Know About the Causes of Autism," 2018 August 10

Todd Thompson, "Supernovae, Neutron Stars, and the Origin of the Heavy Elements," 2018 September 21

Jill Tarter, "A Cosmic Perspective," 2018 October 12

Rapper Consensus, 2018 November 13

Various presenters, Physics Slam VII, 2018 November 16


Rashid Bashir, "3-D Printed Cellular Machines for Soft Robotics and Tissue Engineering," 2019 January 25

Susan Landau, "Listening In - Cybersecurity in an Insecure Age," 2019 March 1

Stefan Söldner-Rembold, "The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment," 2019 April 5

Edith Widder, "Deep-Sea Bioluminescence - Recent Explorations and Discoveries," 2019 May 17

Justine Cassell, "Does AI Spell the End of Social Interaction?" 2019 September 6

Anne Innis Dagg; Alison Reid, "The Woman Who Loves Giraffes - Film/Q&A," 2019 October 11

Various presenters, Physics Slam VIII, 2019 November 15


Paul Sereno, "Hunting Dinosaurs in the Sahara: Discovering Much More," 2020 January 10

Brad Benson, "Studying the Beginning of the Universe from the Bottom of the World," 2020 February 28

Rebecca Thompson, "From Game of Thrones to Frozen: What Hollywood Can Teach Us About the Importance of Science in Storytelling," 2020 July 31 [virtual]

Dan Hooper, "At the Edge of Time: Exploring the Mysteries of our Universe’s First Seconds," 2020 August 21 [virtual]

Don Lincoln, "Understanding God’s Thoughts: Einstein’s Unfinished Dream," 2020 September 11 [virtual]

Jennifer Raaf, "Particle Physics Might Just Save Your Life : Practical Medical Applications Enabled by Fundamental Scientific Research by Fermilab Employees," 2020 October 16 [virtual]

Wes Ketchum, "How to Record a Ghost: Getting Data Out of Particle Physics Detectors," 2020 November 20 [virtual]


Thomas Majewski, "Treating Cancer Through the Immune System," 2021 January 15 [virtual]

Gerald Gabrielse, "Antimatter and Other Deep Mysteries," 2021 February 19 [virtual]

Clifford V. Johnson, "Graphic Talk About The Universe," 2021 March 26 [virtual]

Jevin West, "Calling Bull: The Art of Skepticism in a Data Driven World," 2021 April 9 [virtual]

Physics Slam IX, 2021 April 30 [virtual]

Yoel Fink, "Fabrics: The New Software," 2021 May 21 [virtual]

Caren Cooper, "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Data: Truths and Myths about Citizen Science as a Knowledge Democracy," 2021 July 16 [virtual]

Corey Gray, "Blackfoot Poetry from Einstein to Spacetime," 2021 August 20 [virtual]

Sophie Scott, "Why We Laugh," 2021 October 17 [virtual]

Joe Roman, "Eat the Invaders! Can Harvesting Introduced Species Reduce Their Impact?," 2021 November 19 [virtual]


Marcela Carena, "How to Do Big Science Part I: The Unseen Universe, Challenges for Theory and Experiment," 2022 January 28 [virtual]

Jorge Morfin, "How to Do Big Science Part II: From Inspiration to Approval," 2022 February 11 [virtual]

Deborah Harris, "How to Do Big Science Part III: MINERvA – I Can’t Believe We Built the Whole Thing," April 22, 2022 [virtual]

Boaz Klima, "How to Do Big Science Part IV: Peer Review and Publication," May 6, 2022 [virtual]

Mark Adams, "Seeing Inside a Mayan Pyramid," July 29, 2022 [virtual]