Historical Content Note: The following material is reprinted from publications from throughout Fermilab's history. It should be read in its original historical context.

NALREC Receives Recreation and Service Award


NALREC members standing (left to right) are Walter Coleman, Gary Andrews, Mary Fray, Jane Pesetski, Lucy Reuter, Ann Casperson, Ginny Ritchie, Jim Fritz, Charles McNeal, Alma Karas, Mike Frett, Carmen Vera, Marsha Patterson, Glenn Lee, Dave Muniz, Bob Shovan, and Pete Gutierrez. Seated (left to right) are Sharon Koteles, Jim Fourmont, Helen McCulloch, Nancy Shanahan, Jesse Guerra, Jo Baaske, Jean Plese, and Linda Even. Not pictured are George Davidson, Jim Fitzgerald, Claudia Foster, Ed Justice, Ed LaVallie, Bob Lootens, Joe Morgan, Rose Muth, Ed Pilling, Nelson Sample, and John Satti.

NALREC has received an award from the Chicago Association for Recreation and Employee Services Organization (CARES) and the National Employee Services Organization (NE SRA). The award, presented to Jesse Guerra, president of NALREC, reads as follows:

"CARES in cooperation with NESRA gratefully acknowledges the valuable contributions made by Jesse Guerra and NALREC of Fermilab whose volunteer services and cooperation with CARES have improved the quality of employee services and recreation."