Historical Content Note: The following material is reprinted from publications from throughout Fermilab's history. It should be read in its original historical context.

Historic Photos

Meson Lab construction November, 1972. (1 of 8)
Meson Laboratory, 1975. (2 of 8)
Meson Area, 1975. (3 of 8)
(L. to R.) Richard Orr, Dick Gustafson, John Chinowski and Don Richied supervise the placement of University of Michigan experimental equipment into the eperimental area of the National Accelerator Laboratory Meson Lab. July 30, 1971. (4 of 8)
Meson Lab construction April, 1972. (5 of 8)
Meson Lab construction June, 1972. (6 of 8)
Meson Lab construction October, 1972. (7 of 8)
MESON AREA TARGET BOX: It took three railroad flat-cars to transport the Meson Area Target box to NAL. The box was placed in the beam line so that the proton beam will strike a target in the box, secondary beams will emanate from the box and continue down to the experimental areas. The target box was designed by members of the Beam Transfer section and DUSAF. It was manufactured by the Lasker Boiler and Engineering Co., Chicago. To a layman, the dimensions are impressive: 43 inches by 45 inches by 80 feet. The steel box weighs approximately 87 tons. Photo by Tony Frelo, NAL. (8 of 8)