Historical Content Note: The following material is reprinted from publications from throughout Fermilab's history. It should be read in its original historical context.


Neutrino dome under construction, 1971. The Village Crier Vol. 3 No. 21, May 27, 1971 (1 of 7)
Neutrino Dome, February 24, 1972 (2 of 7)
Argonne National Laboratory's 30-inch hydrogen bubble chamber. High energy particles leave "tracks" of tiny bubbles as they pass through liquid hydrogen in this chamber. These tracks are photographed by special high-speed cameras for later analysis by high energy physicists. Argonne National Laboratory Photo (3 of 7)
SUPER HANDBALL? No, it is the completed vacuum tank for the 15-foot bubble chamber being constructed near the intersection of Wilson and McChesney roads on the NAL site. Machining of the inner chamber body is underway at the Birmingham, Alabama plant of Chicago Bridge and Iron Co. Meantime, plans are progressing for the building to house a 30-inch bubble chamber. Photo by Tim Fielding, NAL (4 of 7)
The 15 foot Bubble Chamber at Fermilab. High energy particles from the accelerator enter the chamber from the right. The interactions of those particles with the liquid hydrogen in the chamber from "tracks" which are photographed by seven cameras positioned in the top of the chamber. (5 of 7)
Neutrino area aerial view. (6 of 7)
Neutrino area aerial view. (7 of 7)