Historical Content Note: The following material is reprinted from publications from throughout Fermilab's history. It should be read in its original historical context.

Physics Joins East, West

Ten accelerator specialists from the People's Republic of China have begun several months of studies at Fermilab.

The study group's visit is a cooperative venture between Fermilab and the Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and is a result of a personal invitation extended by Dr. R.R. Wilson, Director of Fermilab, to Dr. Chang Wen-yu, Director of the Institute, during Wilson's visit to Peking in 1974.

The People's Republic of China plans to build a proton accelerator of 30 to 50 billion electron volts (BeV) energy. The accelerator, to be located near Peking, would enable Chinese scientists to conduct studies in high energy physics.

Leading the visitors is Professor Hsieh Chia-lin, Chief of the Accelerator Division at the Institute. He is a specialist in accelerator physics and design.

Other members of the team are: Dr. Chung Hui, group deputy head and chief of Scientific Research Division at the Institute, an electrical machinery specialist;Dr. Sui Ching-yi, chief engineer, Peking Broadcasting Equipment factory, a high frequency system specialist; Professor Hsu Chien-ming, Institute professor, also a specialist in accelerator physics and design; and Dr. Mao Chen-lung, engineer, the First Ministry of Machine-Building, a magnets system specialist.

Also, Dr. Pan Hui-pao, Institute engineer, a specialist in mechanical and vacuum engineering; Dr. Shen Pao-Hua, Institute engineer, an electrical power supply specialist; Dr. Wang Shu-hung, Institute scientific worker, a linear accelerator theory specialist; Dr. Hsiao Yi-hsuan, Institute scientific worker, a specialist in particle injection, ejection and transport systems; and Dr. Chen Sen-yu, Institute scientific worker, a specialist in magnet lattice design.

During their stay, the Chinese team will be housed in on-site accommodations for visiting experimenters at Fermilab.

The visit was arranged by Dr. Lee Teng, a native of China and associate head for advanced projects. Accelerator Division, at Fermilab. With his family Teng returned to his homeland for the first time in 30 years last October. During his month-long visit he was a guest at a reception by Vice-Premier Teng Hsiao-ping and held accelerator design/ technology discussions with Chinese physicists and engineers. Dr. Teng also lectured at Nanking University and the Nuclear Physics Institute at Shanghai.

Two groups of Chinese scientists visited Fermilab previously. In December, 1972, a delegation spent a day at Fermilab during an international tour; a second group spent three days at Fermilab in June, 1973, on a five-week tour of major U.S. high energy physics facilities.

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Chinese physicists pose for photo taken at the Institute of High Energy Physics, Peking. L-R are: Mao Chen-lung, Hsiao Yi-hsuan, Sui Ching-yi, Shen Pao-hua, Chung Hui (Group Deputy Head), Hsu Chien-ming, Hsieh Chia-lin (Group Head), Lee Teng (Fermilab), Wang Shu-hung, Chang Wen-yu, Pan Hui-pao, Chen Sen-yu. (1 of 3)
On Arbor Day Chinese visitors helped Fermilab employees plant trees. (2 of 3)
Peoples Republic of China flag joins Central Laboratory gallery of flags. (3 of 3)