April 10, 1969: A Transfer of Ownership

These individuals helped usher in a new era for Illinois in 1969. From left: Illinois Governor Richard B. Ogilvie, Atomic Energy Commission Chair Glenn Seaborg, National Accelerator Laboratory Director Robert R. Wilson and former Illinois Governor Otto Kerner Jr. Photo: Fermilab

(You can also view the original April 10, 2014 Fermilab Today article)

Forty-five years ago today, on April 10, 1969, at a luncheon at Chicago's Palmer House, Illinois Governor Richard B. Ogilvie transferred the 6,800-acre National Accelerator Laboratory site to the United States Atomic Energy Commission. AEC Chair Glenn Seaborg accepted the land title. Speakers at the event included Seaborg, Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley and NAL Director Robert R. Wilson. The program from the event and Wilson's notes for his speech are available in the Fermilab Archives.

You can read more about the event at the Fermilab History and Archives Project's website or in the digitized April 1969 issue of The Village Crier (see pages 1, 7-8, and 10).