Historical Content Note: The following material is reprinted from publications from throughout Fermilab's history. It should be read in its original historical context.

Paula Garrett Takes the Helm of the Fermilab Library

Paula Garrett

Paula Garrett, Fermilab' s new librarian, joins the Lab with five years of library experience at Rice University. She plans to use that experience to get the Fermilab Library "on-line."

Library automation is the first item on Paula's agenda. Plans are under way to acquire an integrated on-line library system which will run on the VAX and provide user-friendly access via terminals throughout the Lab. The objective of such a system is to enhance user access to various library records.

When the total system is up and running, some of the main features will include a public catalog containing bibliographic records of the library's book and periodical titles accessible by author, title, subject, and keyword; circulation status; records of items on order; and access to the library's records of periodicals with up-to-date information on issues received and bindery status. Easy interface with the high-energy physics databases provided by SLAC is a top priority.

Currently, the Library has access to three outside computerized systems: 1) SLAC High Energy Physics databases, 2) Dialog, a major vendor of commercial database systems, and 3) OCLC, a shared cataloguing and interlibrary loan system. Also available is Pi-Net, the Physics Information Network. For more information, contact Paula: "Library" on the VAX, or call her on ext. 3401.