Historical Content Note: The following material is reprinted from publications from throughout Fermilab's history. It should be read in its original historical context.

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Among NAL's 1969 summer employees was Miss Karyl Louwenaar, who was assigned to a research project on the history of the NAL site and its former residents.

An alumna of Wheaton College, Miss Louwenaar returned to her doctoral studies at the Eastman School of Music, The University of Rochester, N.Y., in September. She is a native of the Grand Rapids, Mich., area.

A 100-year-old farm on the NAL site will be the setting for a historical museum being established by the laboratory.

The Leon Feldott farm on Batavia Road has been approved as the site of the museum, which will contain exhibits showing what life was like in the area before the NAL. Donald R. Getz, Assistant Director of NAL, says he hopes the museum will be open in the fall.

The farm house, barn and smaller buildings will house old farm furnishings, tools, and machinery, as well as an Indian arrowhead collection, according to Karyl Louwenaar, summertime administrative assistant for the Public Information Office. Miss Louwenaar did a historical study on the site area last summer and returned this year to make plans for the museum.

According to Ivan Alten of DUSAF, who has had experience in restoring old homes In the east, the original part of the house dates from about 1855 or 1860. It is an interesting example of Greek Revival architecture, though a later addition represents the Victorian Revival period, as evidenced by the home's two front porches.

Although funds would not be available for a complete restoration of the house, some will be done, and the attempt will be made to decorate it in as authentic a way as possible. Angela Gonzales, NAL artist, is a consultant for the decorating.