A Lasting Mark: Artist Angela Gonzales at Fermilab, 1967-1998

This is an online version of an exhibit that was on display in the Fermilab Art Gallery on the second floor of Wilson Hall from June 1 through September 30, 2017. The original exhibit was designed by Georgia Schwender, Anne Mary Teichert, Valerie Higgins, and Lauren Biron with scanning and printing assistance from Cindy Arnold, Karin Kemp, and Kathy Saumell. This online version was created by Karin Kemp with assistance from Valerie Higgins.

Angela Lahs Gonzales was the 11th employee at Fermilab, then called the National Accelerator Laboratory. For more than 30 years, she was the aesthetic gatekeeper, influencing everything from buildings to typography.

Her scope was impressive. She designed the lab's logo; chose a color scheme for the site; drew decorations for walls; designed tables, desks, jewelry, and flags; illustrated posters and publications; and designed notepaper and announcements for special occasions, among many other things.

Her work displays complexity, humor, broad knowledge and artistic vision.

She celebrated the immense range of subjects probed in physics, from subatomic particles and human-scale structure to far-off galaxies. Sometimes all of these elements appear together in a single composition.

As Fermilab celebrates its 50th year, we are delighted to present this exhibit as a toast to the vision, efforts, creativity, and accomplishments of those who created this lab. Angela Gonzales' artwork captured the lab's spirit and provided a visual history of Fermilab's scientific exploration and discovery. Those who work here are grateful for the lasting mark she left.

Exhibit Guide

  • Wall 1: This wall contains a collection of highlights of Gonzales' work that show her range and talent.
  • Wall 2: This wall shows the innovative ways in which Gonzales incorporated concepts from particle physics and accelerator and detector technology into her artwork.
  • Wall 3: This wall is a single piece created by Gonzales showing various detectors at Fermilab.
  • Wall 4: This wall contains examples of designs Gonzales created for the lab's physical spaces.
  • Wall 5: This wall contains examples of designs Gonzales created for the lab's physical spaces and her depictions of physical spaces at the lab.
  • Wall 6: This wall shows the progression of several of Gonzales' designs, from rough sketches to the final printed image.
  • Wall 7: This wall contains a few examples of the many ways in which Gonzales used the iconic Fermilab logo she designed.
  • Wall 8: This wall highlights Gonzales' interest in historical imagery and patterns.
  • Wall 9: This wall contains examples of Gonzales' drawings highlighting the natural environment of the Fermilab site.
  • Wall 10: This wall contains artwork highlighting Gonzales' use of a vase motif and artwork for the annual runs with the director.
  • Wall 11: This wall contains miscellaneous images showing the wide range of Gonzales' work and her often imaginative, whimsical vision.
  • Wall 12: This wall contains designs for jewelry, a design for a costume, and images that depict small objects.
  • Wall 13: This wall contains two highlights of the exhibit: the Fermilab seal and the poster for Fermilab's 20th anniversary.
  • Wall 14: This wall contains images that use optical art techniques.
  • Wall 15: Angela Gonzales designed an enormous number of posters for Fermilab events. This is a sample of them.
  • Wall 16: Angela Gonzales designed a variety of covers and posters for Fermilab events. This is a sample of them.
  • Case 1: Publications with covers by Angela Gonzales.
  • Case 2: Miscellaneous objects and drafts of work by Angela Gonzales.
  • Case 3: Vase designed by Angela Gonzales. Loaned by Jackie Coleman.
  • Case 4: Some of Angela Gonzales's colorful contributions to the design of the lab.