Angela Gonzales — Wall 2

This wall shows the innovative ways in which Gonzales incorporated concepts from particle physics and accelerator and detector technology into her artwork.
Cover for Fermilab Annual Report (1981) (1 of 16)
Cover for Fermilab Research Program Workbook (1972) (2 of 16)
Cover for program for Dedication of the Proton-Anitiproton Collider Tevatron I (1985) (3 of 16)
(Colliders) (4 of 16)
Cover for Fermilab Industrial Affliates Roundtable on the Science-Technology Spiral and the Pace of Progress (1988) (5 of 16)
Cover for Silicon Detectors for High Energy Physics: Proceedings of a Workshop Held at Fermilab (October 15-16, 1981) (6 of 16)
Cover of Proceedings of the 1976 DUMAND Summer Workshop University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii, September 6-19, 1976 (7 of 16)
Back cover for 1977 Summer Study in 2 Volumes. Volume 2: Colliding Beam Physics at Fermilab: Detector Considerations, General Topics (8 of 16)
[SSC and Fermilab] (9 of 16)
Back cover of Fermilab annual report (1990) (10 of 16)
Cover of Fermilab Industrial Affiliates Tenth Annual Meeting, May 31 and June 1, 1990; Roundtable on Fermilab III, the Great Computer Debate and Technology for the Nineties (11 of 16)
Cover for Physics Opportunities for the Fixed-Target Tevatron Based on a Workshop Held at Fermilab July 24-31,1980 (12 of 16)
Cover for Production and Detection of Intermediate Vector Bosons and Heavy leptons in pp and anti-pp Collisions (1977) (13 of 16)
Cover for Fermilab Electron Cooling Experiment Design Report (1978) (14 of 16)
Back cover of The Energy Doubler: A Progress Report for the Energy Doubler, Saver, Collider Project, 1976 June (15 of 16)
Cover for Fermilab Research Results (1978) (16 of 16)

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